The Level of Republican Hypocrisy is Amazing

Republicans have long been hypocritical when it comes to their national politics. They have always governed by the rule “do as I say, not as I do.” However their level of hypocrisy as gone to new measures.

For the last eight years Americans were subjected to obstruction that has not seen in American history. As I discussed previously they refused to consider President Obama’s pick to the Supreme Court in his final year. This situation had occurred fourteen times in our history and this was only the second time that the seat was not filled. Donald Trump has now made his pick to the Supreme Court and Democrats are holding strong (for now) in blocking the pick. Republicans believe this to unbelievable obstructionism.

Republicans have spent the first three weeks (seriously it has only been three weeks) yelling and screaming at anyone who would listen about Democrats. They told any camera in front of them about the unheard levels of obstructionism by the Democrats. What they want Americans to forget is what they did over the last eight years.

This has worked to an extent on social media as Trump’s staunchest fans will regurgitate anything that comes out of Washington.

This is Nothing New

This is not the first time that Republicans have suffered from collective amnesia after an election. After President Obama won his first election in 2008, Republicans wanted us to forget the last eight years of President Bush. They wanted to put everything at President Obama’s feet: high gas prices, high unemployment, banks going bankrupt, etc. It was all now Obama’s problem and it was his fault.

Fast forward eight years and Republicans are playing from the exact same playbook. The last jobs report to come out in January was Obama’s last jobs report. However, because more people went to work, Republicans and Trump, took the credit. For years, every time a jobs report came out Republicans decried the numbers saying they were not good enough.

Arkansas Politics

With that base line in place I wanted to spend the majority of this article on two Arkansans who fit the mold perfectly: Senator Tom Cotton and State Senator Jason Rapert (yes that is his real last name).

Most of you reading this probably have a working knowledge of Tom Cotton. Just as a refresher, Tom Cotton famously penned a letter (that several Republicans signed onto) and sent it to Iran effectively telling the country that no treaty signed between Iran and President Obama would ever be approved in the Senate. It was saber rattling at it’s finest and border-line (if not completely) traitorous.

Jason Rapert is, understandably, not as well known. He is a hot head who pulls guns on his own constituents for asking him questions. He will also block any and everyone on Facebook and Twitter that disagrees with him in the least.

Tom Cotton Likes Money

The main way that Tom Cotton fits the hypocrisy mode the best is that he really does not stand for anything. He stands for money. He likes to be seen as a war hawk, however after he wrote the letter to Iran it came out that he had actually had a $1 million donation given to him. The reason? Simply to oppose the Iran deal.

Is it fair to say that Cotton only opposed the Iran deal because he was paid off? No, not really. However there is ample evidence that he does sell himself for money.

The most recent example came from his yes vote to confirm Betsy DeVos. He wants people to believe that he actually supported DeVos to be Secretary of Education. He went to his Facebook to build up her experience and leadership to be the SoE. Of course, even the most casual observer saw just how inexperienced she was for the job.

In truth, the DeVos family had donated money to Tom Cotton. It was not a lot, just a couple of thousand of dollars. However, it does lead one to wonder if Cotton has any principles at all or if he really is someone that sells his support and votes to the highest bidder.

Jason Rapert Doesn’t Understand Words

Jason Rapert managed to both contradict himself and show how he fits the hypocritical mold of the Republican Party within a week. One in regards to medical marijuana and the other with gay marriage.

A little background on both issues first. In November, the people of Arkansas voted to make medical marijuana legal. The “for” vote garnered around 65% so it was not very close in the voting. Republicans, who control both houses of the state legislature are not happy about this. Jason Rapert, himself, has filed three different bills trying to change the language of the original law on the ballot.

Jason Rapert also really hates gay people and anything they do. Every year, Conway (where he is from and represents) hosts a gay pride parade. Every year he throws a tantrum and tries to shame anyone who participates.

With those two base points, Rapert was able to sound like an absolute fool (even more so than usual). First he put a bill up that would delay the implementation of the medical marijuana law until the federal government rules it legal in the United States. Then, he put forth a motion to force an Amendment to the State Constitution that would define marriage as between one man, one woman (which is against federal law). However, he believes that a law passed by the people of Arkansas saying just that should come before the federal level.

He believes that the federal government supersedes the state when it comes to medical marijuana. However, he also believes the state supersedes the Federal Government way when it comes to marriage.

The Republican Hypocrisy will continue. It is up to us to call them on their hypocrisy and call it out when we see it.

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