In America, the citizens of the country made a giant mistake in electing Donald Trump as president. For the next four years, Americans will worry about surviving the actions of what Donald Trump does. Hopefully, when the nightmare is over, Americans will elect a progressive leader such as Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

But as we speculate about the future of American politics, Canadians are choosing a new conservative leader to go up against Justin Trudeau. One of the fourteen candidates’ is Business man and reality show star Kevin O’Leary. Just like Trump, he has entered the race with no political experience and is also known for a television shows he currently stars in and businesses that he runs.

Due to the similarities these two characters have in common, Canadians have begun to question if Kevin O’ Leary is the same as Donald Trump. Does Kevin O’Leary have the same levels of incompetency to facts as Trump does and does Kevin O’Leary have the same racially bigoted tendencies as Trump?

If you first compare these individuals on a personal level in terms of the characters they play on television and how both these men seem to appear to act outside their television shows. There are staunch differences within both aspects. From the television side of it. Donald Trump on the Apprentice was an egoistical maniac. While Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank and Dragons Den was an aggressive money hungry individual. Who will dissect every aspect of the shows guests until he figures out the best way for him to make money.

Now that is only their television personas. Their political and personal personas appear to be quite different as well. Donald Trump in real life is an unintelligent racist xenophobe who has no grasp or understanding of the way the world works. Even as President he seems to be learning at a slow pace and has acted in the way that a racist little child would act. Kevin O’Leary on the other hand seems to be economically conservative and is socially liberal.

O’Leary is a supporter of gay marriage. He famously said in an interview with the online conservative news outlet “Rebel Media” that he wouldn’t care if someone married a goat.

Which kind of goes into a quick side point about how Conservatives in Canada are more reasonable then Republican politicians in America. Kevin O’Leary seems to embody that idea that Conservatives in Canada are primarily fiscally Conservative and socially liberal. An old school progressive conservative perhaps.

Kevin O’Leary on numerous occasions has stated that he finds the idea of Trump’s Mexican wall ridiculous and if a wall was built in Canada, he would not be a citizen. Which suggest he supports immigration reform in Canada.

On the other hand, O’Leary will alienate roughly 22% of Canadians, not through insulting Mexicans, but by not being able speak French, a big no-no in the country. He even announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party Leadership after the only French speaking debate.

O’Leary seems to be primarily concerned with economic issues. Primarily in helping those already wealthy. The campaign promises Kevin O’ Leary wants to make consists almost solely on lowering business taxes.

On economic issues, he has a lot in common with Donald Trump. A couple years ago, O’Leary applauded the statistic that revealed the combined wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is equal to the wealth of the 3.5 billion poorest “Of course I applaud it,” O’Leary said. “What could be wrong with this?”

He then tried to explain that the conditions the 3.5 billion poorest individuals find themselves in are simply a great motivator for those folks to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make something of their lives. Typical conservative BS.

Like Trump, O’Leary doesn’t seem to be too concerned with the environment if the economy benefits from environmental damage. We have also seen with Donald Trump what happens when a leader has no experience how it can lead to foreign policy issues. Kevin O Leary seems to be far more intelligent on these matters at least.

Kevin O’Leary, like Trump and conservatives in general, is not fully honest on the promises he’s making economically and is simply running for his own economic interests. Kevin O’Leary will never get my vote, but I would be less concerned for Canada as I am for Americans currently under the Donald Trump regime. Kevin O’ Leary is a more intelligent and responsible then Donald Trump… But he’s still an asshole.

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