We all know the 2nd Amendment well. Although, I should say we all know the 2nd Amendment how it has been presented to us by the lobbyists. The NRA, once a champion of gun laws, now pushes against any law that may restrict in any way anyone owning a weapon.

They like to push the second part of the amendment which states that “the right of the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed”. They also like to completely ignore the first part which tells us that the right to bear arms is actually intended for militias.

The latest on the gun rights fight is that Congress repealed, and Trump signed, a law that in essence allows those people deemed to be unfit the right to own a gun. The original bill was passed with bipartisan support and there is no rhyme or reason why it needed to be repealed.

Except when it comes to money.

Fewer laws mean more money

Guaranteeing every person who wants a gun the right to own a gun truly only benefits one group. Gun manufacturers make more money the more people are allowed to own guns. I had never actually thought about this link until it was pointed out to me. When you stop to think about it, it actually makes sense.

At the end of the day the NRA is a lobbying group. Their primary function is to make sure that little to no laws are passed that would restrict people from buying guns. That is money to the gun manufacturers pocket.

So, when you hear that NRA is against a bill that would do anything at all to put a control on guns, know that they are not fighting for your right to own a gun, but to make sure that manufacturers and gun sellers do not lose any money.

2nd Amendment not meant for the mentally ill

I just do not understand the thought process behind repealing a law that was actually passed with bipartisan support. In today’s politics passing anything with bipartisan support is extremely difficult to come by.

The law was mostly straight forward. If a person is found to mentally unfit, or ill, they cannot own a gun. This seems to go with what Republicans like to say every time there is a mass shooting; that the person was obviously ill and they should not have been able to get a gun.

Then the NRA, fueled by the November election, decided that the law had to go because it was going to hurt the pockets of the gun manufacturers and sellers. So, the Republican Congress in both Houses repealed the law. The repealed law was sent to Trump who signed it. This did not make a lot of news because all of the Russia talk.

Do not bury the lead

I am not saying in any way that everything coming to light with Russia should be ignored. It should not. It is very important what is going on. However, whenever a big story like this drops do some research to see what else Trump is up to. The repeal of this gun law went largely unnoticed (outside of Rachel Maddow) because of what is happening.

Stay vigilant.

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