I’ve been following politics closely since I was a young teenager. Back then, as it is now, it was easy to get upset watching a Republican President destroy the country that you call home. Whether it’s Reagan back then or Trump now, Liberals have a tough time dealing with bad actors.

In the thirty years since the dark days of the Reagan era, I’ve witnessed right-wing conservatism overtake the entire country. It even infiltrated the Democratic Party early on and has never really left.

The liberal answer to the Reagan/H.W.Bush era was Bill Clinton. Like all good Democrats Clinton is best known for getting the economy booming again. Some of the changes he implemented however, were policies Republicans could only dream about. He deregulated the banks, further deregulated the media and destroyed welfare, just off the top of my head.

Fast-forward another decade. In response to the disastrous George W. Bush presidency, liberals served up Barack Obama with his hope and change. We got neither. Like Clinton, Obama will be best remembered for getting the economy booming again.

His best-known signature law however, the ACA, is a Nixon era idea and a Republican one. He refused to go after the banksters following the financial collapse. Instead of holding Bush responsible for war crimes, he expanded his domestic surveillance policies and expanded the war on terror from two countries to seven.

The economic mess Obama inherited was caused by Clinton as much as Bush, if not more so. Still, the two Democratic presidents enjoyed booming economic times, but very few benefited. America has experimented with a neoliberal laissez-faire approach to economic development for an entire generation.

The results have been economic inequality not seen since the gilded age of the 1920s. There are multiple factors as to how we got to this point, but the more obvious conclusions lie with money in politics and the corporate influence over our elections and politicians.

Corporate influence is behind almost everything these days. Every decision a politician makes starts with the question; will this upset my donors? There is actual scientific proof that most politicians from both political parties no longer listen to voters, they listen to donors.

I wonder, how often do we need to be fooled to wake up and realize these people are paid not to give a shit about any of us? I can’t seem to fathom why smart, educated liberals continue to support these people.

The Democratic Primary tore the party apart, and for good reason. You had one candidate who wanted to continue with neoliberal business as usual and another, who for the first time in more than a generation, wanted progressive change. Liberals chose business as usual and paid a heavy price for it.

While preaching a good game, Obama decided to shun economic change in favor of policies that favor his donors. It didn’t go unnoticed. Democrats have lost over 900 state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats. Oh yeah, and the presidency, since Obama first took office.

Neoliberal politicians would rather lose to a republican than elect a progressive. To corporate donors, Republicans and neoliberals are friendly, progressives are not. In some instances, you could say some democrats are paid to lose.

Neoliberal politicians have marginalized informed Millennials right out of the gate. Younger Generation Xers like myself however have been frustrated for decades. Whenever a progressive rises up to speak for us they get slandered by their neoliberal rivals or slain in the corporate media. They cheated Bernie Sanders in the primary, they labeled a then uncontested Keith Ellison an anti-Semite, and so on.

As progressives know, the so-called liberal media is anything but. Even on NBC. On Meet the Press yesterday for example, the question was asked, how do Democrats go after the soft Trump voters? Never, ever do they ask about progressive voters. Casual liberal viewers never see the progressive side of things, never.

It breaks my heart when people who call themselves liberals actively resist the progressive movement. Unless they are part of the upper-class, what do they hope to gain? As I pointed out, fighting for neoliberal values has proven to be a losing tactic. Fighting for progressive values is a winning one.

Neoliberal Politicians
Taken from the A.M. Joy Fan Page

Last week we published an article by Julian Drury critical of New DNC chairman Tom Perez, the direction of the Democratic Party and how they will continue to take corporate donations. The comments on social media were as polarizing as the primaries. Liberals are so terrified of Donald Trump that they are willing to appoint any neoliberal idiot to lead them as long as there is party unity. Progressives on the other hand are leaving the party entirely.

That’s what liberals can’t seem to understand. If Democrats want our progressive votes, they must earn it. It isn’t free. Progressives have been kicked to the curb for as long as I’ve been alive. Guess what? We aren’t taking it anymore.

Go ahead, keep blaming Bernie for Hillary’s incompetent loss. Blame the woes of the Democratic party on progressives. Keep supporting those who only care about their corporate donors. Keep giving into Trump’s fear mongering and elect another lessor candidate to oppose him. And by all means, keep flinging those insults our way, we’re used to it. Just remember one thing, it might have taken decades, but we’ve finally realized you can’t win without us.


  1. Great essay. Now for what needs to be done: Go to your local city, town or county office and looks for pictures of the advisory commissions and committees that advise local political entities and agencies. Apply for one of these positions or recruit a non-traditional member of the political class to do so.

    The neo-liberals aka centrists succeed because in the universe of wholesale (as opposed to retail) politics, corporate money will pay for their campaigns. A return to locally based community focused politics and governance is the response to the mass tantrums of frustration that are the source of our current era of dyspeptic politics.

    • You’re on the right track, but may need to take some time to investigate what neoliberalism really is. It isn’t just another made-up moniker for people who think a certain way. Neoliberalism began with the Mont Pelerin Society, and it is an insidious and pervasive “free market” philosophy with very specific characteristics and definite origins. http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674033184
      Also see most anything recent by David Graeber, one of the foremost authors on the reality behind the curtain of modern “market” analysis.
      With respect.

  2. The DNC owes us all an official apology for intentionally sabotaging the Bernie Sanders campaign. I will never vote Republican because I am ASHAMED of what the GOP has become and now, I’ll never vote Democrat again (or Hillary) thanks to the DNC so, I have nobody left to vote for who represents me and my values. The DNC, Hillary & the Democratic party are now dead to me and I am NOT alone.

    “Gallup shows that since the election, a remarkable 14 million Democrats have become independents”

    “The Democratic party has to reach a fundamental conclusion: are we on the side of working people or big money interests? Do we stand with the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor, or do we stand with Wall Street speculators, and the drug companies, and the insurance companies?” … “What the campaign is about is a very radical idea. We’re going to tell the truth, and the truth is that for forty years the middle-class in this country has been disappearing, and there has been a huge transfer of wealth from working families to the top one-tenth of one percent, and what the people of this country are saying is enough is enough. Our government and our country belong to all of us and not just a few billionaires.”

    – Bernie Sanders

    Draft Bernie Sanders – New People’s Party

    ; )

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