We all remember the images of Melania’s smile turning to a frown during her husband’s inauguration. Whatever words were spoken to Melania Trump on that rainy day in January seemed to garner empathy and concern by the few liberals who bothered to watch. What did Donald say to her? Everyone wondered…

To further deepen everyone’s worry for Melania. President Trump neglecting to hold the car door for her or escort Melania into the White House on inauguration morning. Was he not thinking about his wife on that stressful day or is Donald Trump just an asshole? Probably a little of both.

The bottom line was she looked miserable and out of place. Most comments I got were to the tune of her being there against her will. That she was trapped. Forced into servitude by her misogynist husband who had just become leader of the free world. It wasn’t long before the “Free Melania” movement got started on social media.

Six or so weeks have passed since Donald took the oath of office. Melania Trump’s popularity has risen (unlike her husband’s) to new heights, all the while liberals have continued to feel sorry for her.

Perhaps we need to look at the “personal responsibility” page in the conservative playbook. Melania Trump does not deserve one iota of our sympathy. Melania married Trump for one of two reasons. The first and more obvious one is for money. Hard to sympathize with someone like that. But let’s say her love for Donald is actually genuine. That means, at least at one point, she felt a deep connection with the racist, misogynist, egomaniac that is Donald Trump! Again, hard to sympathize with that.

You might argue that Melania Trump is not her husband. They’re different, they don’t think the same way. This too would be disingenuous. Have you ever seen the videos of Melania defending her husband’s racist birtherism claims? Defending Donald’s alleged sexual assaults? How about defending her husband’s immigration policies?

The fact is, both the First Lady and the President think a lot alike. Before he became president, Donald Trump was best known for his lawsuits. Trump is said to have launched 3,500 personal lawsuits over the last thirty years. Melania for her part has taken a lesson from her husband.

Melania Trump refiled a $150 million lawsuit against the corporation that publishes the British Tabloid website the Daily Mail. They falsely reported rumours that she worked as a high-end escort in the 1990s. Officially, the lawsuit is for defamation of character. The extremely large monetary lawsuit notwithstanding, the suit itself is understandable considering the false allegations.

However, Melania’s reason for the lawsuit is much more troubling. It looks as though she has plans to monetize her role as first lady. The lawsuit states:

“[The] plaintiff had the unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as an extremely famous and well-known person, as well as a former professional model, brand spokesperson and successful businesswoman, to launch a broad-based commercial brand in multiple product categories, each of which could have garnered multimillion-dollar business relationships for a multi-year term during which plaintiff is one of the most photographed women in the world.”

in other words, four years to make as much money as she can (you must wonder if Donald has the same intentions). According to the Guardian, those commercial brand products include apparel, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care and fragrances just to start.

So, Michelle Obama wanted to feed school children properly. Laura Bush wanted kids to read. Hillary Clinton wanted to give Americans healthcare and Nancy Reagan wanted to get kids off drugs. Melania Trump meanwhile, wants to make money. Even more money than her billionaire husband already claims to have. How noble.

Still feel sorry for her?


  1. Sadly, and maybe wrongfully, people seem to always associate “happiness & things being good in your life” with MONEY. It has been known for years that money cannot buy you love and/or happiness. You have to love yourself. Then, find your own happiness. Stop depending on money, a man or another person, clothing, cars, mansions or other material things to make you “happy.” If you buy the premise that all rich people are happy people, then why do they have so many problems being and staying happy?

    Even Trump is on his 3rd wife & have children by 3 different women. Now, that would routinely be how rich folks describe poor families’ scenarios. And, those rich folks are overdosing on drugs, in rehab, getting drunk, committing crimes & adultery, etc. So, money does not make or keep you happy. The Trumps’ money will not equate to happiness.

    Whether Malanie is unhappy or not does not bother me one bit. But, it seems that she is not a “happy” person, for whatever reason(S).

  2. 100% dead on and accurate. She is as bad as her husband and hopefully whatever happens to the don going forward, happens to her as well.

    I have never had sympathy for her.She signed on to this ride, like Eva Braun signed up for Hitler’s ride of death. Any one have any sympathy for Eva? Your shouldn’t.

    It’s sexist to treat her any differently because she’s a woman. She signed up happily for this ride. If you think trump is a scumbag, them you must treat her the same way, no more and no less. She deserved absolutely no sympathy whatsoever going forward.

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