A line has been drawn in the sand and Republicans need to make a choice. Side with the American people, or with the Trump Administration. The Trump White House is embroiled in several controversies at the moment. The list is seemingly endless, and remember we are just passed the two month start of his presidency.

The ones at the top of the list right now are the health care replacement bill, the Gorsuch hearings, and the ever present Russia issue. All three are bad enough on their own but taken together it paints a really nasty picture of the Trump White House. Even worse, the Republican leadership has their collective heads buried in the sand on all three issues.

Trump/Ryan Care

The repeal and replace bill put forward by Paul Ryan was not a true repeal of Obamacare. For many on the far right, they felt that the bill did not actually get rid of Obamacare but “fixed” certain things in the law. The bill was dead on arrival but Trump and Ryan pretended otherwise.

When the roll out of the bill to your own party is done in secret, in a basement, and the members are not allowed copies you have an issue. Yet that is exactly what Ryan did. Republicans were not thrilled.

I am not going to go into specifics on the bill as you can find those anywhere. However, Trump continues to push this bill even as the caucus in Congress that comes closest to his stance are not voting for it. The Freedom Caucus officially stated that they were not voting for Trump/Ryancare. The reason may (or may not) surprise you. The new bill does not do enough to end health care for Americans.

The Koch brothers also released a statement that whoever voted against the bill would get donations from them in the 2018 mid-term election.

The bill is dead in the water, and yet Trump is still out there touting how great the bill was and was exactly what he promised to do. Those that follow politics know that Trump promised health care for all (among other things) and this bill will actually push people off of health care. Yet Trump and the Republican leadership continue to lie and push the alternative facts that the people are behind this bill.

Russia Ties

It feels with every new day a new revelation is uncovered about Trump and Russia. During a hearing last week America found out that the FBI had started an investigation into the Trump campaign and ties to Russia before the election. This left many Americans wondering why Director Comey felt it was in the best interest to Congress to let them know the FBI was investigating new emails in the Clinton case but did not feel the need to let them know that Trump was being investigated.

We also found out that there was no truth behind Trump’s outlandish claim that Obama had wiretapped Trump Towers. Or that he had British spies do it. The whole episode was right out of a badly written spy movie.

So, it would make sense that Republicans on the committee would have questions. However, they were more concerned with how the leaks were getting out and where they were coming from. A meme responding to the Republicans seemingly lack of concern stated: “The White House is on fire, Trump is running around with matches, and Republicans want to know who called the Fire Department.”

On Tuesday, Representative Nunes received information that Trump had been targeted accidentally. Instead of presenting that information to the committee he briefed the White House. Nunes, favored staying the good graces of Trump rather than do the right thing.

The Gorsuch Hearings

The Democrats seem to be struggling with what to do with the Gorsuch nomination.  Some have suggested that Democrats do whatever they can to keep Gorsuch from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. They point out that the seat was Obama’s to fill and no one other than his appointment should be confirmed. This is good in theory, but not practical or realistic.

The Democrats should hold up the hearing (if they can) until the FBI investigation is concluded. Trump and his fans were very vocal that if someone is under FBI investigation they should not be president. Maybe that ideal should be extended to nominations.

This is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. Enjoy the ride.

I apologize for my absence last week. I was very much under the weather and just didn’t have the energy or thought process to write.


  1. Republican politicians, just like Democratic politicians, will always choose to go with those who give them the most money. We have to break up the health care/pharmaceutical/insurance cartel, the military/industrial cartel, and replacing the Federal Reserve with a National Bank. If congress doesn’t deliver a balanced budget lock them in, Keep them on the House and Senate floors, until all bills are funded, by progressive income, property, and inheritance taxes. They get no retirement plan but social security and no medical insurance but that provided for everyone.
    No military allowed outside the country except in time of war, declared by congress, and then everyone is drafted into public service, and profiteering is treason. That should stop the endless war.

    • Term limits might help. One four year term for Congress and no repeats. Stagger the terms so that new candidates do not start at the same time. And of course, we need to get money out of politics. Threats against them involving funding needs to be dealt with under the Rico Act. Lock them up.

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