Trumpcare has been defeated, for now. The defeat of Trumpcare signals the failures of the Republicans in Congress to govern. Republican failure has potential to turn into progressive strength. The demise of Trumpcare could possibly give rise to something unexpected; single-payer healthcare.

The Trump/Ryan healthcare bill known as Trumpcare (or the American Healthcare Act) was a disaster. The proposed bill would have stripped away most of Obamacare and replace it with a giant tax give-away to drug and insurance companies. The effects of the bill were far too dangerous. The bill was so bad that congressional Republicans had a difficult time in locking in party votes.

The bill was a conservative pipe-dream, however. Trumpcare contained all the provisions that a right-wing social agenda on healthcare would desire. Lessened government input in healthcare, giant tax cuts for the rich, cutting regulations for drug and insurance companies. Despite this, Republicans still could not secure the numbers needed to pass the bill.

Congressional Republicans had different issues with Trumpcare. On one hand, Republican Congressmen faced potential backlash from constituents if their healthcare were to be affected negatively. On the other hand, Republican donors, such as the Koch brothers, opposed the bill because they felt the legislation wasn’t right-wing enough.

Trumpcare’s unpopularity with the American people exposes certain myths about public opinion on single-payer healthcare. America has long been labeled a center-right country. It seems, however, that the American public is leaning more leftward on healthcare.

John Cassidy wrote an article for the New Yorker which painted the defeat of Trumpcare as a defeat for conservatism in general. His general points were accurate, but the most important points dealt with public views on single-payer. Down the list, the American people want the government to cover essential healthcare needs from maternity coverage to prescription drugs. Bernie Sanders demonstrated in a town hall full of Trump supporters that the belief in healthcare as a right is strong.

The most important aspect of Trumpcare’s defeat is the rising tide of social democracy. Conservatism’s narrative of healthcare is losing its grip. As Trumpcare fails, Bernie Sanders and other progressives are launching a push to introduce a Medicare-for-All bill.

The fight is not over. Trumpcare’s defeat is only temporary. That is why it important for progressives to push now, while Republicans are vulnerable. They fear backlash for repealing Obamacare, and we know that single-payer is not unpopular among Republican voters. Now is the time to push for a real fix to Obamacare, which is a single-payer system.

If progressives don’t exploit this politically, we may lose an opportunity. It won’t be easy, for sure. The tide is turning in a progressive direction, despite a right-wing administration. We need to make the case to the American people that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Republicans will feel the pressure of their constituents. We as Americans deserve the same right that every other modern nation guarantees its people.


  1. I agree. The ACA was the proverbial foot in the door for a complete national health-care plan. The Rethugs of course opposed it vociferously, but after 8 years, people are cottoning on to the idea of health care as a right, and maybe even to the concept of single-payer. Well, SOME people. It remains to be seen what right-wing fairly tale about this debacle is swallowed by the deplorably uninformed – or not.

  2. The Republican plan was to replace Obamacare with Trump hostility. The psychopath in charge has no ability to care. Please stop pretending there’s any such thing as Trumpcare.

  3. Trump may well be willing to support a Medicare for all program just to be vengeful to Republicans who voted against Trumpcare. Anything is possible in Trump’s world.

  4. Thank you for writing this. I feel exactly the same way. It is important to remember that the dreaded “Obamacare” was actually based on the health care program Mitt Romney promoted and had adopted as the health care program for Massachusetts. So what presently exists is a Republican devised program that is filled with easter eggs for certain financial interest groups and does little for many classes of health consumers. Progressives have to treat this failed attack on the ACA for what it is, a call to fix the problems,encourage effective innovation and push for the full range of reforms needed to make health care in America a true reality for all of us.

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