Much has been written about possible collusion, conspiracy and conspicuous behavior exhibited by the Trump administration, the president himself and campaign surrogates. Thankfully, those reputable journalists from the mainstream media have slowly and methodically picked valuable nuggets of information out of the disgusting quagmire of deceit and deflection that this administration is spewing.

Some of the information is coming out of the Russia Hearings is too slowly for progressives who long for a Trump impeachment. While the same information is deemed fake news propagated by “sore loser snowflakes” on the far right. One thing remains certain however… We as a country should be alarmed.

The people of the United States should be concerned that this administration has done nothing to unite a divided and angry constituency. The Trump administration has created an “us against them” mob mentality that common sense and ethics can’t seem to penetrate.

This is apparent at the daily press briefings of Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He spins information so quickly that listeners are often left wondering if what he has said is a legitimate answer or just another weakly mitigated administrative disaster.

This administration would have had nothing to lose if they were honest from the beginning regarding foreign business deals, meetings, and interactions with foreign leaders during the transition period. However, that is not the case.

What we have been told has been hard to keep track of. Anyone with real life experiences know that the constant cover ups are often harder to manage than the actual lie itself.

We know Paul Manafort was a campaign manager; we actually saw and heard this information with our own eyes and ears for several months. Now, through the power of Sean Spicer we are to believe that he held only a small part (weeks) in the campaign.

Additionally, Mike Flynn, National Security Adviser to the Trump administration for 24 days, we are to miraculously believe was only a “volunteer” or “surrogate” to the campaign? The press machine of the White House can’t seem to come out ahead of these story lines, these truths, these acts of foreign meddling.

They have to constantly deflect and debase the seekers of truth. The blatant disregard for things said, outright deceit, and subsequent Congressional hearings that will be held on alleged Russian/Trump collusion or conspiracy should be bi-partisan, but in this political climate I doubt it will happen, but I have hope nonetheless.

Those who want the truth at any cost are Americans who can put party aside and realize that while some would love to see a failed Trump presidency as a liberal/progressive success; those who love our country, our freedoms, and our democracy want to see this investigated because the whole foundation of our country has been assaulted. This is a national embarrassment.

What do we have to gain as Liberals, Progressives, or Democrats from watching the Trump presidency and administration implode on itself on a weekly basis? We are approaching 70 days into a four year term, and depending on who is in your circle of friends this presidency is either: An abysmal failure with a trail of dead Russian operatives and American spies worthy of a James Bond movie or a left wing conspiracy to bring down a great business man who just needs a chance because he inherited a mess from the Muslim president who preceded him.

It is time to put party aside, to look at the facts. F.A.C.T.S., real facts not alternate facts, tough as they may be to swallow. These facts, these investigations, wherever they take this country need to have by bi-partisan support. I don’t want my country to fail, despite my disdain for how this administration is governing. More importantly, I also don’t want core tenets of the foundation of our country called into question because of foreign meddling without shedding light on the culprits.


  1. You left Out the REAL Story…. This is a NeoLiberal conspiracy to divert attention from their own failings in the Election and the Collusion of the DNC, Clinton Campaign and Obama to cover up their Election Fraud in the Primaries….

    The rest is NeoLiberal Bullshit and Not of any interest at all!!

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