It’s sometimes hard to find the silver lining, especially in times like these. My party lost, we have a Republican president, which generally doesn’t bother me, but it’s the asinine things this man and some of his supporters say that makes debate on social media or news sites more cumbersome.

Before you say it, know that my friends and family have said it before; ”don’t look at the page,” “just don’t comment,” or “scroll past it.” I’ve heard all of the warnings, but I can’t help myself. I feel that it is my duty to interject my opinion on a post or tweet I generally disagree with.

Unlike other people, I always begin with the best of intentions. My comments or opinions usually begin with my beliefs. How in an intelligent debate people will differ with each other. These are tough partisan times we live in, but we are all members of the human race.

Initially I refrain from correcting grammar or spelling because as a well educated liberal woman I can’t appear too smart because then I am a “know it all grammar Nazi.” My personal favorite is a “libtard bitch nightmare” and my husband must “be miserable” living with me.

Now, I know what you are going to say, these people are just trolling for a response, but I still feel the need as decent human being to remind those with differing opinions to hear others out. We are only 75+ days into this presidency and unless impeachment comes tomorrow (or ever) we are all in for a very long 4 years, in which we have to live and work beside one another.

After name calling, usually my gender is highlighted to help show me the error of my ways. Evidently having breasts is a birth defect. The only true remedy for my stupidity and liberal leanings is for a Trump supporter to offer “penis confirmation,” helping me right my political wrongs because he has the correct genitals.

I’m usually told to go “make a sandwich.” There have been times I’ve been told that a “good smack” by my husband “would fix” my problems. While the anger sharks begin to circle and my blood comes to a boil, but even then, I try to be a sane and rational human being despite the interactions with those of the contrary.

I kindly point out these typical remarks and comments are not those of an intelligent person looking to understand the thoughts or opinions of others. They are just chumming the waters, waiting to strike.

Next, I’m often told to stop watching or reading “fake news.” This is often typed out in the new popular FREEDOM FONT, which is in all caps in case I was missing the important point a Trump supporter was trying to make.

Who knew that Hannity, InfoWars, and Breitbart were the only sources of credible news in our country. With the onset of FREEDOM FONT, I am now able to cognitively restructure my liberal brain to take in the true real news of the country.

These feelings, these comments made by keyboard commandos are made by Republican and Democrats alike, and it’s a problem. The bigger problem is that many readers do not see it because they feel they are on the winning side of history.

It should alarm people that a woman (despite her political leanings) can’t make an educated comment without being told that she should be assaulted by her husband. Readers should be bothered by the terms “Libtard” or “Rupubli-cant” because it shows a breakdown of effective communication within our country.

We should all be bothered by the blatant generalized lack of respect and common decency people have for one another when it is noted that their political affiliations differ. We are a divided nation, where we believe that our truth is the only truth that matters.

I can’t live life in that narrow of a space. I’ll continue to express my opinion in an educated positive manner, despite the negativity of others. I will not apologize for being a well educated woman, even though that frightens certain people. I will not belittle anyone who has a different political opinion, even when pushed by internet trolls to do so. What I do expect is effective communication, intelligent debate, and the thought that I could speak my mind without worrying that my breasts got in the way.


  1. Nichole, I’ve been called those names too. Snowflake is a favorite out there too…here is my response to that one…

    Thank you. I wear the name snowflake with honor. This name is not derogatory in any form. For those name calling second graders who do not know how to research, here is your education. 

    While I am not Jewish, I know from my education and from reading that Jewish people were called snowflakes by their Nazi guards leading them to the ovens to be burned alive. Their ashes blanketed the ground, falling like snowflakes covering the concentration camps.

    Mother Earth blankets the ground with snowflakes to prepare for spring rebirth. Every snowflake is beautiful and unique singly. Amassed snowflakes can scour the ground clean.

    I am proud to be one of millions of snowflakes.

  2. I was having lunch with three other like-minded liberals this week and it occurred to me that I was the only one there who had an educated and widely read background on the politics being discussed. It seems to be the object today is to collect opinions rather than background information that might help form one’s beliefs and actions.
    My other reaction was the carelessness of logical thought. It’s difficult in the polite company of friends you want to keep to give a lesson in logical thinking errors.
    Keep up your constructive conversation. Some of us are listening.

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