I do not know if Tom Cotton (the junior senator from Arkansas) is doing it on purpose but he is making a fool of himself. This is not the first time either. Sadly, for those of us in Arkansas it will not be the last. Cotton’s first big dive into senseless errors was his letter to the Iranian leadership. In it he said that no treaty would ever be confirmed by the senate between the U.S. and Iran. Talk about being a skilled statesmen.

What he is doing now is flat out embarrassing and shameful. As we all know there was a chemical attack in Syria a few days ago. The Assad government claims that it did not order or perpetrate the attack, but not a lot of Republicans believe that. Children died in this attack, as I am sure most of you have seen the images.

Wasted opportunity

This seems like it would be a great opportunity for Tom Cotton, a former military man, to go on the defensive and demand immediate action from Trump. He could have taken the opportunity to go after Assad and demand that the monster (if Assad is truly responsible for the attack) be taken out of power. This is for argument’s sake and not something I endorse. I am actually a pacifist.

He could have done or said a lot of things in defense of the people (and kids) brutally murdered. What he did do, though, was… wait for it… blame Obama. If you do not believe me check out his Facebook page. He blames Obama’s weak leadership in Syria for an attack under Trump.

Tom Cotton doesn’t understand diplomacy

Either Tom Cotton is willfully ignorant of what has actually been going on in Syria, diplomatically speaking, or he chooses to ignore it. I tend to think that he is ignoring the past simply to attack Obama. In 2013, when Syria was bombing it’s civilians with chemical bombs President Obama went to Congress for approval of airstrikes against the country. At the time Cotton supported the action.

Fortunately, no airstrikes happened at the time because Assad agreed to a joint American-Russia treaty not to use chemical weapons. He did not, until this week. However, you would have a hard time convincing Cotton of that. He happily goes around pretending 2013 did not happen and blame Obama for anything and everything.

Tom Cotton likes to blame, just not the right people

Something of big interest that Cotton does not seem to like to mention. And, as far as I know no one has asked him. Remember, Assad had not used chemical weapons in nearly four years. What changed? Donald Trump.

Within the last week when asked about Syria (you know, the region Trump said he would have solved within 30 days?) Trump made a strange comment. He said that he had no interest in taking Assad out of power and would not move to do so. Like a charm the chemical bombings started again.

I am not specifically blaming Trump, just noting the odd coincidence. Originally I had written that only one person was to blame, and that was Assad. This is, of course, if he is truly responsible for the attack. This could be a case of the administrations wagging the dog to take attention off of Russia.

What is the solution, Tom Cotton?

Immediate strikes are the answer. Last night Trump ordered airstrikes against Syria. It is something that Obama never had to do. I hope that this comes to a quick end and does not escalate into a new war that sends our men and women into harm’s way.

I know Tom Cotton is happy about it as he has already posted to Facebook about it. He is a war hawk to the extreme. Cotton does not believe in diplomacy at all. Consequently he is firmly in the shoot first, ask questions later camp. I would expect him to fully support any actions against North Korea as well.

I just hope the air strikes were better planned than the Yemen Raid.

Stay safe and hope for the best. Hope may be all we have left.


  1. Here is the first time he made a fool of himself with seditious deeds


    “Cherry picked” from Senator tom cottons first floor speech. 16 March 2015. cotton is just another neocon looking to conquer the world just like g w bush, jeb bush, paul wolfowitz, bill kristol did when the were members of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) “global military dominance,” “world stability and order provided by the United States Military.” “genuine driver of our long term debt crisis: retirement and health-care programs.”

    The following are snips from the speech:

    “The best way to impose that price is global military dominance. When it comes to war, narrow margins are not enough, for they are nothing more than an invitation to war. We must have such hegemonic strength that no sane adversary would ever imagine challenging the United States. “Good enough” is not and will never be good enough.”

    “Second, we need a healthy, growing economy to generate the government revenue necessary to fund our military and balance the budget. In our globalized world, our domestic prosperity depends heavily on the world economy, which of course requires stability and order. Who provides that stability and order? The United States military.”

    “Finally, the short-term, ephemeral gains in deficit reduction from defense cuts merely mask the genuine driver of our long-term debt crisis: retirement and health-care programs.”


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