Today marks day 97 of the Trump administration. We know just as much about the man and the trajectory of his presidency now as we did before and during the election. Trump has not exhibited a clear plan or policy, just a lot of stump speech rhetoric, name calling, and blaming. The promises to be “so presidential” once he won the election have not come to fruition, Trump’s 100 Day Action plan has failed time and time again.

While the 100 day mark is not an official White House standard, historically it has been utilized by the various administrations of the past, for roughly a century. This “standard” is to measure the success and transition from campaign promises to administrative policy, reform, or action.

Trump assured the American people that he would work tirelessly for our country and its well being. In fact, his 100 day action plan or “contract with the American voter” stated that on day one he would “restore honesty and accountability and bring change to Washington.”

However, there is a problem with believing a business man who has historically stiffed middle class workers with whom he has had a contract with. Why wouldn’t he continue to stiff the American people now?

The “presidential” traits we are seeing with Trump are all of the same traits of Donny the businessman: endless early morning hate tweeting when not getting his way, blaming others for being ill prepared, blatantly distorting factual information, and using the old bait and switch tactics he’s accustomed to.

There is absolutely nothing presidential to be seen thus far. There has been one noted exception from the traditional Donny the businessman to “so presidential” and that is the art of flip-flopping. Trump can still act like a petulant child when not getting his way, but the stage is bigger now.

When your every move and thought is critiqued, digested and regurgitated via social media, it’s hard to just double down, throw money at people, and talk tough in the hopes people will back down.

Flip-flopping, baseless accusations and losing seems to be the norm. HRC, NATO, China as a currency manipulator, Syria, repeal/replace AHCA, voter fraud allegations, travel bans, Obama ‘wiretapping’ Trump tower, and draining the swamp just to name a few.

Now let’s add to this growing list Trump’s contract with America, the 100 day action plan, because what seemed so important during the election cycle is now added to the heap of the flip-flop. It is now deemed a “ridiculous standard” and while I agree with that sentiment, I didn’t campaign on it, Trump did.

Trump should exhibit a shred or modicum of accountability while being employed in our highest office, but this administration is getting further and further away from that. The American people should absolutely refuse to accept the let’s wait and see approach to the presidency.

Trump is not some 15 year old kid just put on the “fry station” at some fast food chain, needing a learning curve. This is a 70 year old, allegedly grown, businessman/reality television personality who chose to run for President of our country on a platform that highlighted his lack of experience but willingness to win. And we let him win.

And so, we must also be accountable for his ridiculousness, his lack of policy, his lack of diplomacy, or basic 5th grade civics knowledge. Trump is not making fries at some after school job, he’s charged with keeping an entire country safe, ensuring stability in our workforce and job market, and helping this country prosper.

Trump needs policy, he needs to lead , he needs to educate himself on the political, historical and diplomatic ways a country is run. He doesn’t need to flip-flop, he doesn’t need his supporters to enable him and his lack of political know-how. He also needs someone to give him a dummy phone with fake Twitter access because he’s made us look even more ridiculous than the 100 day action plan.

Trump’s lack of diplomacy, ethics concerns, clear nepotism directed towards those with big donor dollars or family ties, lack of political knowledge, general lack of experience, and poor public speaking abilities have festered and ballooned into an open sore for all the world to see.

This “contagion” will continue to spread unless more knowledgeable and concerned citizen help to hold Trump and his administration accountable for the things they have said, continue to say, and continue to deny they have said.

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