As we marked Donald Trump’s 100 days in office this past weekend, many liberals weren’t analyzing Trump, they were questioning his supporters. Racism and misogyny aside, how can people support a man so childish, incompetent and stupid? A man elected based on the policy changes he’d bring, only to double down on the things he campaigned against?

While my side was questioning Trump supporters, I was questioning liberals. It came out last week that Barack Obama will appear at a Wall Street conference in September. The former president will reportedly get paid $400,000 for a speech to be delivered at this conference. No doubt this is the first of many paid speeches in front of Wall Street that he will make.

There are many liberals who have taken offence to his speaking fees and rightfully so. Bill Maher ripped him Friday on Real Time as if his book deals worth tens of millions aren’t enough. Progressive politicians were also none too pleased. Senators Warren and Sanders in particular.

For many of my liberal readers however, it seems that cashing in after your term is over is just fine. Hey, at least he wasn’t corrupt during his presidency, right? Not like that Donald guy. I personally don’t see the difference.

What is the difference if he gets paid for his services before or after? The difference is legality. It’s easy to be Mr. Nice Guy to corporations when you’re a president if you think you’ll be rewarded for it later. Just because it’s legal bribery doesn’t make it right. All politicians do it, and it’s poisoning the country.

President Obama was very corporate friendly. He counted on his donors to get him elected and he returned the favor, not unlike most politicians these days. He started off by not even prosecuting one corrupt banker responsible for the 2008 mortgage crisis and it continued until the end of his presidency with his full support of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Even his healthcare law was Wall Street friendly.

Obama paid close attention to his donors during his presidency with little regard for the people that voted for him. It isn’t his fault completely, he worked within the system that was given to him. A system that more and more voters are rejecting, and for good reason.

Some liberals are making the argument that Obama’s term is over, he’s a private citizen again and free to do what he wants. They don’t seem to make the connection to what he did in his time in office and the rewards that are just starting to roll in now.

Just like Trump supporters, some Obama and Hillary supporters will back up their candidates regardless of the infraction. They still don’t seem to understand or care about the seriousness of money in politics and the corruption it can lead to. It takes a back seat to winning at all costs.

Obama’s ties to Wall Street will forever be the biggest mistake of his presidency, for his legacy and party anyway. His personal bank account will be more than fine. Many progressives and liberals resented Obama’s closeness to Wall Street. One of the main reasons Hillary Clinton lost to the most unpopular presidential candidate in history was that she embodied everything that most people hated about Obama.

You can sit there and argue to your heart’s content that Obama getting paid to speak in front of Wall Street is his right and that he deserves what he can get. Even liberals must admit though, now that democrats are leaving the party in droves due to corruption, Obama’s timing couldn’t be worse.


I’d like to say thank you to all the neo-liberals down at the A.M. Joy fan-page for deleting this article, not once, but twice. Liberal censorship of a progressive website is the reason Democrats keep losing.


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