There appears to have been significant Wisconsin voting issues during the recent presidential election. However, there are common misconceptions about what exactly happened. So here is an explanation of the current voting rules in Wisconsin.

During the past presidential election, Donald Trump won the state by only twenty-three thousand votes. Which is only seventy-seven hundredth percent of the vote. He got two thousand fewer votes than Mitt Romney back in 2012.

In fact, if you look back to that 2012 election, President Obama got two hundred thirteen thousand more votes than Mitt Romney. You may be curious as to why there was a voting decrease within the last two presidential elections.

One of the primary reasons is a lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton and the weakness of her candidacy. Another reason however, was Governor Scott Walker. Walker faced a recall election in 2012. However, he won re-election due to the Koch brothers’s massive campaign donations.

Following his victory, Walker was all but required to do what his corporate overlords at Koch Industries and ALEC wanted him to do. He soon set his sights on voter suppression. Walker put in place very strict voter ID regulations that caused about forty-one thousand people to lose their right to vote.

Some of the new voting regulations restrict early voting hours. there have also been changes to the laws regarding absentee ballots, changes to polling place regulations that inject partisanship into the polling place, and unprecedented partisan redistricting.

Jill Stein was one of those individuals found to be counterfactual when saying that Wisconsin used illegal voting machines. She stated this “Wisconsin uses voting machines that have been outlawed. They are illegal to use them…” This statement garnered a “pants on fire” from Politifact. While the machines may be legal, there is no doubt Republican led voter suppression is hard at work and made a difference in 2016.

One of the best groups that fight voter suppression in Wisconsin is an organization called the One Wisconsin Now. They not only fight to equalize the ability to vote, but they are a great progressive group that deals student loan debt and other issues. So, if you wish to fight voter suppression and other voting tactics done by the Republicans please join groups like One Wisconsin Now if you live within the state.

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