An Open Letter to Representative Ann Wagner of Missouri

The woman who cries with glee when people lose insurance, and avoids her constituents back home

Ann Wagner

Dear Representative Ann Wagner,

We elected you to be a representative of the people. By avoiding town halls and meetings with your constituents, you, and politicians like you, show that you do not feel liable to your district.

Your disrespect and disregard for your county’s voters is worsened by your willingness to speak to private interest groups. You do not feel like you have to listen to us, the people who put you in office. Other people though, those with money and power can have your time in spades.

Representative Wagner, your political career was not one built from the ground up. President Bush gave you your ambassadorship to Luxembourg as a gift. You had power in the Republican party, leading the Missouri Republican Party and the Republican National Committee.

You won your current position as U.S. Representative with seven fewer points than your predecessor before you, the infamous Todd Akin. You entered Congress with no record of public service and no history in local government. You had no experience with the public schools you are meant to protect. Your connections were to wealthy Catholics in the area and the Republican party, and your policies and actions are reflective of that narrow, singular perspective.

I say this as a reminder that you are not untouchable. You are not a life long civil servant, and you are not above being accountable to the people. People tend to remember representatives who cry freedom as they gut healthcare for millions.

You advocate for draining the ‘swamp’, despite being the former co-chair or the Republican National Committee. The swamp consists of politicians who gerrymander districts to disenfranchise opposing voices. It consists of lobbyists who are more influential to legislators than voters. The swamp has a culture in of festering corruption, greed, and prioritizing power over the wishes of the people, and you, Ann Wagner, are the embodiment of that. If you want politicians to be accountable to their constituents and not interest groups, start with yourself.


  1. I think it took a great deal of nerve for Wagner to label her opposition as left wing radicals. But this is the state of ignorance to which the republican party aspires. It wants to blame the people for wanting what the constitution defines as promoting the general welfare. These greedy, and cruelly ignorant politician need a strong dose of their own medicine. I hope those who voted her into office come to their senses next year, and send her home. Pity the voters can’t also strip her of all the post election perks with which they have feathered their own nests, making us continue to pay long after their years of disservice have ceased.

  2. Great open letter from a young person who will be around for a long time making a big difference. Good job, Ms. Singer. Very, very well stated.

  3. Rep. Baldwin is an example of why this Missouri born person left the state as a college student and never returned.

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