Taking responsibility for ones actions or spoken words is a core tenet of basic human decency and personal growth. It is what we set out to teach our children. As an educator, I can honestly say that everything I do on a daily basis involves role modeling appropriate behavior.

Accountability, responsibility, admitting our wrongdoings or deceitful actions, honesty, integrity, and being a person of high moral fiber and character are all important human traits I teach.

So, that’s why I find it so hard to believe that there are droves of Trump supporters who still can’t admit, publicly, that the things this President does or says is contemptuous, deceitful, blatantly dishonest, and a total distraction from what the real political grownups are doing.

I recently had this exchange with a Trump supporter:

Me: “But, do you hold him accountable for the things he says?”

Supporter: “It’s no different than Obama, and what he said.”

Me: “Yes, it is different, because Obama isn’t the President anymore. Do you hold our President accountable for his lies or his crazy tweets?”

Supporter: “Hillary lied about her emails.”

Me: “But, that’s not what I am asking you. Do you want our President to be held accountable for the things that he says, because of his wide audience? You wouldn’t want your child lying or speaking like this.”

Supporter: “My kid knows better.”

Me: “So, you want the President held accountable?”

Supporter: “That’s not what I said.”

I understood, at that very moment, that the conversation was over. It was a moot point. Any hope of having an intellectual debate on the merits of questioning authority was not going to happen. Despite one’s political affiliation, do we not want those in positions of power to be held accountable for the things that they say, especially when their audience reaches so far out.?

Trump blatantly lies, and his Twitter history proves it. You can actually go to trumptwitterarchive.com and find out for yourself. Trump says “many are saying I’m the best 140 character writer in the world.” The problem with the last statement is that the presidency, written policy and reform is not done with a tweet.

Trump lies and his supporters turn a blind eye. Trump lies and it is deemed as an honest attempt to reach his constituents. Why is that?

As a very left leaning Democrat I had no problem questioning or disagreeing with some of the Obama administrations polices. I firmly believe the ACA had significant flaws, and the administration did not follow through on a campaign promise to import cheaper prescription drugs to our country.

As informed voters we should question authority, despite what party our vote went to, or for that matter. in spite of what party our vote went to. It is out right; it is our obligation to question the administration in order to hold them accountable.

I’ve asked the same question to every Trump supporter that I speak to, will you hold him accountable? And like clockwork, the question is often deflected to something Obama or Clinton did or did not do.

Second only to that answer is that I am often told that I need to give Trump time to become acclimated to his new job, a learning curve of sorts. I fail to see how early morning toilet hate tweeting federal judges and congressional leaders, or regurgitating alternative facts is somehow considered on the job training that I should forgive.

I refuse to believe that somehow he will change or commit to this job with integrity or dignity. I know leading this country can’t be done in 140 characters or less. I know that policy reform won’t fit in a tag line slapped on a trucker hat made in China.

I won’t apologize for wanting more out of my government. I won’t apologize for wanting the President to articulate in his native tongue, and not his fluent crazy talk. I most certainly will not apologize for wanting this President to accept responsibility for his actions and rhetoric. I will continue to question authority. I will continue to question the validity of everything Trump says.


  1. Instead of talking, try listening. Let them explain (yes I know you don’t want to hear it) what were the reasons they voted for Trump. My sense is that the level of frustration with a changing culture, values and technology has the populace frightened and confused, so voting for the outrageously angry person made sense. Solution: ride the bus or train to work for a week. Look out of the windows, listen to what people are saying, look at them and what they are doing. You will see something that needs to be dealt with that you personally be able to deal with, even if it is as simple as picking up some trash. We gotta start somewhere.

    • I will always listen, always. I live in rural PA, I know why my friends and neighbors voted for Trump. I personally don’t understand it, but I don’t have to. We must practice what we preach. I want all people to be accountable for their actions- especially our President. Thank you for your thoughtful response!

  2. Liberals can be just as bad. When I criticized Obama or Hillary for anything over the last decade I’d always get insulted or called a conservative tool. One of the biggest problems in the country is Americans who have complete blind faith in their leaders…

    • I might get grumpy with a “going no where” conversation- but, I welcome any active open debate and dialogue. It’s important for growth, but I’m human… sometimes it is hard and those conversations get a little heated 🙂

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