As more and more pieces of the onion of the Trump Regime peel off, one comparison cannot be avoided, that this is similar to Watergate. Watergate for those that do not remember is ultimately what brought down the Nixon presidency. There are those that will say that we are already at Watergate levels. I tend to agree but this is going to get much worse before the inevitable end arrives.

The Russian Watergate

It seems with every passing day more and more sordid information comes out about Russian involvement in the 2016 election. What is becoming to be more clear is that there was some form of connection between the Russians and the Trump team, if not with Trump himself.

It started with Mike Flynn, who will go down as the shortest serving Executive employee in history. He was, supposedly, fired for lying to Vice President Pence about what his connections with Russia were. We now know that story in itself was a lie. That was the beginning of this country’s fall through the rabbit holes of the Trump Regimes lies.

I have said it often and it bears repeating. the buck stops with everyone but Trump. Whoever he can place blame on, he will. Of course, his favorite lightning rod is former President Obama.

Obama-Flynn Watergate

Of course it was really former President Obama’s fault that the Trump Regime did not vet Mike Flynn. By their logic, because the Obama Administration vetted Flynn in 2012 for a post, the Trump team did not need to vet Flynn.

This despite Obama and security officials calling bull on that story. They note, correctly, that Flynn was fired from the Obama White House in 2014 and his first contact with the Russians did not occur until 2015. This, of course, does not matter in Trump world and they continue to push this false narrative.

This alone is not that big a deal other than the fact that it shows the lengths that the Trump Regime will go to cover up all of their mistakes. They cover these mistakes with lies and blaming other people. Their favorite past time is scapegoating people. They tried with Obama and that failed so they moved onto Sally Yates.

However, this would be pushed to the side rather quickly with the sudden and unexpected firing of FBI director James Comey.


Democrats have had a serious love-hate relationship with James Comey. Many felt that he should have been fired after his political stunt right before the 2016 election. He very famously sent a letter to Congress to let them know they were looking at more emails. Of course, there was nothing really to investigate but the damage had been done.

Then came word just weeks ago that the FBI had been investigating ties between the Trump campaign and Russia since last July. But James Comey ultimately decided not to notify Congress of this investigation.

Do not get me wrong, Comey was a horrible director of the FBI, however this firing smells of a cover-up and it does not take much peeling of the onion to see that there is something nasty going on.

Then the lies started

The lies surrounding the firing of Comey run deep and continue to change. This is why it’s so easy to believe that something is being covered up. The reason I say this is because with every new lie the Trump Regime is absolutely sure to mention that it has nothing what-so-ever to do with the ongoing FBI investigation of Russian ties to Trump.

Trump even brought it up in the initial termination letter to Comey (that was not even actually delivered to him). That is where the lies started. Trump said that the termination was recommended by the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General. That quickly fell apart when the DAG letter to Trump showed no such recommendation to terminate.

The Trump team quickly decided to change that lie to Trump deciding to fire Comey without any actual recommendations. That lie quickly changed as well to Trump had been wanting to fire Comey for a few months but his last testimony prompted the firing. This lie was of course changed by Trump himself who finally seemed to take ownership completely of the firing. Tomorrow should bring a new lie.

The Clinton Connection

Naturally the Trump Regime is trying to spin the firing of Comey to Hillary Clinton. They initially stated that the reason for the Comey firing was because he lied on two separate occasions (last July and October) to Congress. If true, the firing should have occurred in January not this week.

Of course, the truth has already come out that Comey just this week requested either more money for the investigation into Russia or more agents. Suddenly, two days later Comey was fired.

This is just the start of this mess and it is looks like it’s going to be worse than Watergate. In the future, we may just be referring to new scandals with a name ending with something other than gate.

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