On the season finally of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, five time host, actor and wrestling star Dwayne Johnson, also known as “the Rock,” made his virtual political ambitions known.

“Starting tonight, I am running for the president of the United States!” Johnson claimed, to thunderous applause. The Rock even chose Tom Hanks as his running mate.

“The truth is, America needs us,” Hanks said. “No one can seem to agree on anything anymore, except for two things.” “Pizza,” Johnson replied, “and us!” The opening monologue was funny to say the least.

Now, the Trump presidency is the result of a lot of things. The biggest and most important of which is that a large portion of the population wanted to reject the political establishment. The rejection was seen on both sides of the aisle, as many Democratic voters supported underdog Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders was successful in part because he ran as an “outsider.” Despite being a politician for decades, he ran against the establishment.

A desire to see an outsider reshape government is a concept American politicians have been supporting for centuries, with William Henry Harrison’s Log Cabin Campaign of 1840, or Jimmy Carter’s self branding not as a governor but a peanut farmer.

As a country born from rebelling against a corrupt government, it is in our nation’s foundations to reject any type of establishment that has too much power. This is not the entire picture, however.

Just as we forget that there is a difference between being an insider and being corrupt, we forget that a true outsider is someone not involved in the national or international political landscape. In other words, someone who is inexperienced. That is not what I want in a president.

I want a president with foreign policy experience, who has experience in diplomacy and who can establish positive relationships with our allies. I want a president who has the respect of our Congress, and thus is able to successfully implement their plans.

I want a leader who knows the best people with whom to fill their Cabinet and executive agency positions. I want a leader who thinks before (s)he speaks. I want someone with experience as a leader and civil servant.

If Dwayne Johnson wants to run for Mayor, or a state government position, I give him my blessing. But when it comes to the presidency, we need someone qualified to take on the role. All jokes aside, Johnson/Hanks 2020, no thank you.

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