Republicans Put Party Before Country

As I watched former FBI Director James Comey’s hearing today I could not help noticing a trend. In the questions asked by Republicans they had a common theme; is there anyway to pin this all on Comey?

They seemed amazed that Comey would not take a stand and simply advise Trump that what he was asking was the wrong thing to do. What they fail to mention (intentionally) is that the same can be said of them.

What they made clear to all Americans in the hearing is that they are perfectly fine putting party before country.

Republicans are Carrying Water for Trump

They routinely sought ways to protect Trump from any negativity. Paul Ryan outdid himself with one of the most tone deaf statements I have ever heard. Ryan said that Trump was new at the job and not familiar with protocols.

I answer that ridiculous statement with one of my own. Ignorance of the law is no defense. Try it at a lower level. Let us say you are going thirty miles over the speed limit and driving on the wrong side of the road. Do you honestly think that a cop, lawyer, or judge would accept your “I didn’t know the law” defense?

How Republicans in the Senate conducted themselves today was not unexpected but still sad for our government. They asked ridiculous questions that had nothing to do at all with why Comey was there. At one point they even started victim blaming. Comey stated that he had been cornered by Trump alone in the Oval Office. The senators suggested that this was no reason to think that Trump was attempting to get him to drop an investigation.

All Things (Somehow) Lead back to Clinton

Then it happened. About halfway through the hearing, Hillary Clinton and her emails were brought up. Republicans still refuse to give up on those emails. They even wanted to know why Comey was more focused on Trump than Clinton.

This of course left me confused. Have they really not been paying attention for the last four years or do they think the American people are that stupid.

Naturally, the strangest link back to Clinton was from John McCain. In his questioning (which was flat out confusing) he somehow came to the conclusion that Clinton had colluded with the Russians to help Trump win. Yeah, I do not get it either.

Republicans Have Drawn a Line in the Sand

Republicans have made the conscious effort to side with Trump over his obstructionism. What is just amazing is that they want to pretend that Democrats are causing all the problems and they just need to get to work.

The same Republicans did not seem to care much about work for the last six years when they blocked anything and everything that Obama tried to do.

Republicans have made the decision to put party above country and either fight for or ignore every horrible thing that Trump says or does. However, the new effort to excuse Trump’s actions because he is ignorant or naïve of the law is shocking. The same Republicans campaigned against Obama because they did not feel that he was prepared for the job.

One Final Note

Impeachment should be on the table at this point, but it is not. Trump’s actions at the very least are obstructionist and that is a violation of the Constitution. But, with Republicans controlling the House impeachment will not be seriously considered unless Democrats win control in 2018.

Trump may resign before then, but I have a feeling the only way to get him out of office is to defeat him in 2020.


  1. I am totally sick and tired of the Republicans and their shenanigans… The time has come for all Democrats young and old, Black, White & Hispanic to get out and vote… Rid Congress and the Senate and the White House of all these ignorant crooked people. They only care about “RICH” !!!

  2. Yes, that’s exactly how I saw yesterday’s testimony; however, there was nothing in the line of questioning from Republicans that they did not believe Comey despite that they tried to avoid the evidence he gave.

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