The United States of America has a serious gun problem. However, it is not just guns that are the problem. The deep seated issues at the heart of the gun problem are the politicians. The politicians that, after a mass shooting, find a way for even less gun laws than are already on the books.

The need for gun debate and why it won’t happen

We need to have a serious gun debate in this country. Unfortunately, we will never have that debate. As long as people continue misreading the 2nd Amendment or making up what it means no sensible debate will ever take place.

Most Americans favor sensible gun laws but politicians are more interested in what the NRA has to say. Add to that they also pay more attention to the vast minority than the majority.

Despite this, people actually believe that we will have a debate now. This comes on the heels of a lone gunmen opening fire on Congressmen on Wednesday. Fortunately no one died, other than the gunman. The question I pose to these people is; if politicians are not affected by the mass slaughtering of children why would this event change their minds?

Some will say because it directly affected the politicians. This is a good defense, but unfortunately nothing will change.

Sensible gun laws can work with the 2nd Amendment

Those that have read my previous posts know that I have stated that the 2nd Amendment has long been misinterpreted. I contend that the Amendment was specifically meant for militias and not for civilians.

I understand it’s just a pipe dream to think we would ever limit guns in that way. However, sensible gun laws were on the books long before the current NRA and politicians got involved. In the Wild West (which is how some gun people view the country) most western cities outlawed guns inside city limits.

The NRA, at one point, also favored sensible gun laws. Now, people believe that they should be allowed to carry semi-automatic guns into grocery stores, churches, bars, and even sporting events. We have devolved into a gun culture in the United States where every time a mass shooting takes place we answer with thoughts and prayers but no real action.

The problem of guns isn’t being ignored it’s being made worse

When I say that there is no real action taking place it is kind of a misnomer. There is action taking place. State governments are not only loosening gun laws they are enacting new laws to make it easier to get guns.

Take my home state of Arkansas. Years ago the legislature passed a new law that allowed guns in most public spaces including public schools. As part of a deal they allowed colleges and universities to opt out, which every school in the state did.

Just a few months ago the legislature passed a new law that now allows guns on college and university campuses despite the objections of the schools and the police. The law was written so horribly that it also would have allowed guns into sporting events, which is forbidden by conference rules.

No relief is in sight

After the terror attack in London, Donald Trump tweeted out about how we weren’t having a gun debate after the attack. He got his wish with the two attacks on Wednesday. There is now a conversation but it will not go anywhere.

We will just continue to throw out thoughts and prayers but do nothing to help. Laws could easily be passed to make sure that those most likely to use guns do not have access to them. The mentally unstable, domestic abusers, and violent offenders.

Thoughts and prayers are not the answer, action is the answer. Sadly we have too many cowards in this country to have an actual conversation and get some action.


  1. Sorry Mikey (not really), but laws that force a gun owner like me to accept responsibility for a crime I had no hand in cannot and will not work with the Second Amendment.

    Also, the Amendments, like the rest of the Constitution, do not create rights. Rights are something we already have by nature of being human beings. Like the rest of the Constitution, the Amendments restrict government. And even if the Second Amendment doesn’t forbid government from regulating firearms (it does), the Fifth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments also protect an individual right to own a gun. The Fifth Amendment forbids the government from depriving anyone of life, liberty or property without due process of law (ie, proving them guilty of an actual crime), which means the government can’t restrict my ability to purchase a firearm nor force me to give up the ones I already own. And the Ninth and Tenth Amendments speak for themselves.

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