Donald Trump is unfit to be president. I know it has been said quite a bit, however I am very serious about this. We can ignore his Twitter tirades but that actually fits into my reasoning that he is unfit.

To those saying that we should not read too much into his actions or words and that this does not point to anything, I remind you that the same was said about Ronald Reagan in his final days.

Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s

In the late 1980s there were serious questions in regards to President Reagan’s mental health. The Reagans and Republicans pushed aside those concerns. They believed that the only people questioning his health were Democrats wanting to push a popular president out of office.

Years after Reagan left office it was revealed that he did have Alzheimer’s Disease and did eventually succumb to the disease. Naturally it is assumed that he already had Alzheimer’s in the later years of his time as president. This has been denied, but looking back, there were signs that he did indeed have Alzheimer’s while still in office.

Trump’s illness

I am not saying that Trump has Alzheimer’s, but I do believe that there is something there when it is stated that Trump is not mentally fit to be president. There are groups out there that do not want Trump associated with any kind of mental illness, that he is just an old angry man. That certainly plays into it, but I personally believe that there is more there.

There are several different issues to look at to point to his mental issues. Of course his Twitter tirades are fodder for questioning his metal facilities. There is also the case of the other day where he seemed confused getting off an airplane. Finally there is the outright lying about what is going on. Yes, every (or most) politicians lie that is just fact. However, Trump seems to not realize that he is lying.

Trump Twitter Tirades

Trump’s twitter tirades are nothing new, but in the last few weeks they seem to have gotten worse. First, out of the blue, he attacked Morning Joe (specifically host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski). Not only was it out of the thin blue it was psychotic.

Yes it helped Morning Joe hit new highs in viewership, but you must remember that for most of the 2016 campaign, Morning Joe was a very good friend of Trump. He appeared many times (mostly by phone), but suddenly not only has that changed he has viciously attacked both co-hosts and threatened both of them.

Then he turned back to his favorite beating post, CNN. His continued attacks against the media are nothing new, but recently he has gone to the dark side in attacking CNN. Suggesting changing the name to Fraud CNN and even retweeting a GIF of him body slamming a person with a CNN logo.

These are not actions of someone that is mentally stable. You can pass them off as Trump trying to be funny, but I take it seriously.

Trump lies about nearly everything

Some of this goes back to his Twitter account, but from the beginning he has consistently lied about almost everything he talks about. He lied about his margin of victory in the Electoral College. Even when it came to the size of his inauguration he felt the need to lie. He has even lied about how many followers he has on Twitter (he has less than Barack Obama which I am sure just angers him).

However, the other day he tweeted about gas prices. This was an easy fact to check so you have to wonder why he would even say it. But, he claimed that gas prices were the lowest they had been in ten years. When you look at the actual numbers, though, gas prices are higher than they have been in a year.

Someone that is mentally stable would not make such a clearly untrue statement. Especially one that can be fact-checked so easily.

Trump gets lost in ten yards or less

On July 3, Trump was disembarking from Air Force One. He literally only needed to walk down the stairs and straight into the waiting vehicle less than ten yards from the bottom of the steps.

However, once he got to the bottom of the steps he goes left and just walks, apparently unaware of where he was supposed to go. The video is here.

The thing is, it would not appear to look so awful to someone else. Confusion happens. However, just a year ago Trump very publicly questioned Hillary Clinton’s mentality after she nearly passed out after an event.

Word has now come out that he also got lost on stage in Poland today. Trump is not well.

The 25th Amendment removal of Trump

There is a provision in the 25th Amendment to remove a president that is mentally unfit to serve. This has been passed around in recent days.

Though I would generally support such a move it is unlikely to happen, because it would either take the Vice President and the entire cabinet to remove him. Or, it would take 2/3 of Congress.

This will not happen, but he is unfit to be president and that in itself is serious.

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