Early in the morning of July 1st, 28 people were injured in gun violence in a club in Little Rock, Arkansas. The story did not stay at the forefront of news because (and I hate saying this but it is true) no one died. It apparently happened after a disagreement. However, that really is not the point. What led to this point and the aftermath are.

Arkansas lawmakers cleared the path for the gun violence

Since Republicans have gained a stranglehold on the Arkansas legislature they have gotten to work passing draconian laws. Among those laws is loosening of gun laws. The original law that was passed gave colleges and universities the ability to opt out. Every college and university in Arkansas opted out.

The new law denied the opt out and gave people the ability to open carry in almost any public space. This includes bars and clubs. I have talked about this previously where the only way they made exemptions was sports.

This shooting happened during the early morning of a rap concert. A lot of the details are still unclear, like why there were underage people in the club. The one thing that is abundantly clear is that the gun violence was made possible by a law that allowed people to carry guns into the event.

Pulaski County takes aim at the problem

This week it was announced that officials in Pulaski County were looking into a solution to the mass shooting.

They wanted to ban violent music for 180 days. Let that sink in. Seriously, just let it sink in.

The answer for gun violence in clubs was to ban violent music, not guns. In our gun culture our politicians will target virtually anything but guns when it comes to gun violence.

It was later reported that the person responsible for the proposal never expected it to pass but it did, as a way to get people talking. I have my doubts on her excuse, this is Arkansas after all.

Arkansas lawmakers offer thoughts and prayers in wake of mass shooting

As is typical after a mass shooting Republicans and Conservatives alike are quick to rush out the thoughts and prayers and little else. They did briefly discuss options after one of their own was sadly targeted, but even that went no where.

In Arkansas, it is worse. Not only do they only offer thoughts and prayers they seem to have no clue why this mass shooting happened. It really is quite simple. When anyone can get a gun and take it anywhere they please, gun violence happens.

Unless we have a complete changeover in both our Legislature and Governorship this will continue to happen and our lawmakers will continue to pretend to not know why it is happening.

We have a gun violence problem

Whether people want to admit it or not we have a serious gun violence problem in this nation. There is no amount of thoughts and prayers that will fix the problem. Putting the blame on other issues will not fix the problem either. Until we can address the issue with a serious conversation nothing will change.

Yes we have other issues in this country that we need to have serious discussions about. Unfortunately we are controlled at the national and state levels by a joke party. A party that is more concerned with who is giving them money than their own constituents.

It is time for put up or shut up in America. It is time to put country ahead of party.

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