Joy Ann Reid is the essential example of all that is wrong with the modern Democratic Party. From her noise-pedestal at MSNBC, she has repeatedly framed the perfect stereotype of the out-of-touch, elite, corporate Democrat disconnected from the plight of the common worker. Reid is the essential face of neoliberalism, by many standards.

Reid has been a stalwart defender of the failed centrism of the Democratic Party for some time. She was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 primary. To this day, Reid uses any opportunity to bash Bernie Sanders and the progressive left. Not only has Joy Reid staunchly defended the failed centrist model for Democrats, she has been a forceful advocate against progressive populism.

It easy to defend supporting Hillary Clinton out of loyalty to the Democratic Party. It’s quite different to actively oppose progressive policies. Reid has smeared progressives vehemently. Her anti-progressive stance is so bad that she has even adopted a term that Donald Trump popularized: alt-left. Reid describes herself as part of the “resistance.” What a shameful resistor to have.

Progressives have been tarnished up and down in corporate media, yet Joy Reid brings a certain fire to her irrationality. Branding progressives as violent “alt-left” extremists are only the tip of the iceberg. Reid has rejected the populist left altogether. On the Daily Show, Reid proclaimed a rather soulless stance against economic populism. She reiterated her stance again on a recent interview, lambasting the notion of Democrats winning back the blue-collar working class.

To Reid, progressives are the ones damaging the Democratic Party. She clings tightly to her faith in identity politics to guide Democrats. She often describes the working class “Coors drinkers” as white Republicans, voters who would never vote Democrat anyway. These voters are a lost cause, carefully dividing workers and their plight into black and white. Reid frames the issue as either defending social values or fighting for the working class. In her view, you can’t have both. This is the central quagmire of neoliberalism.

Joy Ann Reid espouses most of the key neoliberal talking points, but she personally dislikes when progressives accurately describe her positions. Reid has lambasted the term “neoliberal” on Twitter. She describes the term as merely an alt-left smear word. This position is quite ironic. “Alt-left” is an incredibly inaccurate smear word, originally championed by Trump, a man Reid claims to be resisting. Meanwhile, neoliberal is a term in use for some time, accurately describing the economic/social model of corporate liberalism.

Make no mistake, Reid is a neoliberal. This is based on her stated positions, not a simple smear meant to make a false comparison (such as alt-left). Of course, Reid is more than likely paid quite handsomely by MSNBC to espouse neoliberalism. The policies of neoliberalism do not affect her, she is firmly lodged in the elite establishment bubble of New York.

MSNBC has a way of taking people who were reasonably progressive and turning them to the dark side. Take Rachel Maddow, or Chris Hayes as examples. Both were staunch progressives until they got shows on MSNBC. The ones MSNBC did not turn to neoliberalism were fired or pushed out, such as Cenk Uygur or Ed Shcultz.

Even though Bernie Sanders is America’s most popular politician, Joy Ann Reid and her ilk continue to smear him and his supporters. While the American people are leaning toward populism more than ever before, Reid looks down upon them. In her eyes, you cannot be an ally of liberal social values and economic populism. To her and other neoliberals, the working class are not worth the trouble. How ironic that Reid and and other neoliberals wonder why people dislike her.


  1. Julian, are you willing to sacrifice actual human beings for your puritanical liberal cause? Because that is what a Trump presidency will do, now and in the future. People will literally lose their lives without healthcare for preexisting conditions; families will be torn apart and some will die being deported; LBGT service men and women are at higher risk of suicide now more than ever; ignoring climate change will cause bigger, badder, more deadly natural disasters; cutting funding for EPA, FEMA will cost lives; to name just a few ways in which this current administration will cost lives. The Democratic Party needs to be changed from the inside out. Get in there and change it. Democracy is a grass roots process, get involved and you will realize this very quickly. No candidate is ever perfect, but as Bill Maher said, we have to learn “the difference between and imperfect friend and a deadly enemy”. There is a colossal difference between Hillary and Donald. You might feel differently today if you were a Dreamer being thrown out the only country you’ve ever known. You may hate Hillary; I’ve had to hold my nose on many occasions in the voting booth, but she was imminently more qualified than DJT and we would never be in this kind of mess should she had won. Voting is a heavy responsibility with real consequences. I threw away my vote on a third party once, and we got Reagan. I learned my lesson. I hope the world doesn’t have to end for you Berners to learn yours. (I like Bernie, but I won’t follow anyone off the cliff and you shouldn’t either)

  2. Joy is definitely what is right about America. Joy speak it as she sees it and is always on point. This author is a winner who is trying to make a name by trying to tarnish talent. This is what I breeders do, smear. No one is interested in this moron or the crappie he is writing#buffoon#

  3. Why is it so paramount for “progressives” to prioritize a badly composed think piece on the validity of a woman of colour to be on the air? And spend the better part of the day insulting anyone who does not support this opinion. Yes, you are fully warranted to write whatever you please but in the current political climate, you will hardly be doing yourself any favours.

  4. For someone that calling out Joy Reid, you sure believe in labeling people. Most people do not fit in a box and sometimes their opinions change, but labeling them liberal, conservative, neo-liberal ……. is pigeonholing people. I don’t claim to be any of those labels, although I have been accused of being a liberal. What does that even mean? They said it to insult me, it didn’t because if you don’t know the person or have a conversation with that person, who are you to throw your label of what they are on them.

  5. I agree with Joy Reid & enjoy her intelligent commentary. If I never heard Bernie’s name again, I would be better off. You Berniacs need to go start your own party. You are a big part of the problem that got us in this mess.

    • I agree. We should leave the corrupt, neoliberal Democratic Party and form a true progressive party. I can not support a party which went to court, argued and WON the right to ignore the will of the people and to unilaterally, and behind close doors select candidates of their choice.

  6. I read as much as I could stomach, no need to read any further. This so called journalist is the embodiment of a person longing for the days long gone, and won’t be returning. Joy is all that is right in America. We love her and will always have her back. Keep doing what you’re doing Joy as long as pierces like this is being written it’s proof you’re doing something right. Keep up the good work.

    • She made clear policy position statements many times. She believes that the progressives are hurting the Democratic brand, she’s a “moderate” who does not believe in economic populism. She’s made this clear on several occasions. Follow the links in the article, watch the video at the end…

  7. Joy Reid please continue to call them all out! You have many supporters who agree with your way of thinking. Bernie is not a democrat and should not have any say in the party until he decides to become a democrat. Bernie is becoming another Ralph Nader to the Dems!

  8. Why don’t you Berniebots go and start your own daggum party. You are as much to blame for what this country is suffering through with this Narcissistic, Egomaniacal Bigot in the White House. Unless someone adheres to every tenet of your faith they can’t be Progressive? Get the Flip Out of Here! The Democratic is and has always been a big tent. Yes, Unfortunately the Democratic Party has it’s own version of the Party and you are it. Threatening to primary candidates who don’t sign up for confiscating all the money through extreme progressive taxation to fund whatever giveaways you come up with. I am from the school of “I don’t want nobody to give me nothing, open up the door and I’ll get it myself”. For some of you youngsters that don’t know, that’s James Brown back in the late 60’s. Go Kick Rocks!

    • I pay rent for my own place, I can’t afford a dorm room. I could have afforded one if we had universal college, an issue that Joy Reid doesn’t think to be important for your precious Democratic Party…

      • It’s not that joy doesn’t believe in universal college, she just knows it isn’t feasible to bring about presently in this era of divided government. We must get bigger constituencies for our issues, more democratic seats in state govts., the u.s. house of rep. and the u.s. senate, governors, etc… before we push fronts of universal college. Even Obama said he wanted a public option in healthcare but realized it would have been ipossible to achieve at the time.

  9. I like her, usually, but saw that interview on Daily Show. She talked derisively about plans to make college affordable like it was a ploy, mere vote-getting populism, and not a policy proposal intended to solve a real problem. You know, the point of public policy is to help people, isn’t it? And why shouldn’t people like a government that solves real problems?

  10. You’re just upset that she’s not a Bernie fan. I’m a long time Democrat, live in Oregon, earned an education- does that make me a coastal elite? You sound more like an old world socialist.

    • I’m upset that she smears what Bernie and his supporters stand for. I’m an independent, voted Democrat once, and was incredibly disappointed with the after results. I am a self-admitted Democratic Socialist, not sure how you define “old world.” I currently take financial aid, as my income is too low to afford a good college education. Every modern nation in the world offers some form of universal higher-education. It’s not a radical position to support the path that the rest of the modern world has also taken…

  11. I love Joy Reid and I will continue to watch her show along with Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell. There’s more than one source of news that I follow, FSTV and some CNN hosts like Brooke Baldwin, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper. So your critique of “Neoliberalism” or centrist liberal is interesting, it will not move me to the extreme left. I prefer to stay centered, thank you very much.

  12. Hear, hear Paul M. Smith

    Julian Drury your fangs are showing, my advice to you if you want to become a good journalist, follow Joy Reid’s example..stop putting labels on people.

    I hope she never changes.

  13. I wouldn’t be so quick to slap a label on her and call it a day. Joy Ann is a fierce and bold analyst who is willing to dive deeply into the facts of the matter as they happen and bring forth motive, intention and cost-benefit scenarios for the issues that she is reporting on. She is not one to mince-words or deal in subtlety. She certainly has a progressive bent but her greatest strenght is her ability to understand nuance at both ends of the political spectrum…. and call it for what it is. Politically correct- she is not…. and she is willing to tell the empower that he has no clothes. In my estimation, Joy Ann Reid is the best in her field.

    • The label “neoliberal” is a scholarly term that has been around for some time. Attaching it to Joy Reid is based on her stated positions, which lean heavily towards a centrist position. She is not only politically incorrect, shes just plain incorrect on economic populism. She believes that politicians only want things like universal college or healthcare to get votes, rather than it being a genuine policy goal. This condescending attitude can be rather unbearable for the progressive left, who are the most energetic wing of the Democratic base. She may be socially liberal, but she looks down upon the populist left. Her “nuance” is tilted against progressives on the economic front, a key position of the neoliberal framework. They tend to be strong on social issues, and flimsy on economic issues. I won’t disagree she is the best in her field, a corporate talking head for the mainstream news media. For someone like me, however, that doesn’t make her a good journalist, nor does it make her a fair actor when it comes to political commentary.

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