The National Rifle Association (NRA) used to stand for sensible gun laws. That can not be said for today’s NRA. Now, they stand for making sure that a person can have a cache of military grade weapons and can commit acts of terrorism. I have talked about the problem with the NRA and gun laws before, but now it feels different.

Las Vegas was an act of terrorism

Sadly, there are people that simply reject calling what happened in Las Vegas terrorism, including the NRA. To me, that is just burying your head in the sand. The reason is simple. They want to limit the use of the word solely for Muslims, specifically ISIS. However, they are using a very limited definition of terrorism for that cause.

Another definition of terrorism is: a systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion. Yes that, in itself, is a limited definition in it’s own right, but it shows the many different ways that terrorism can be used.

In a 9 minute period, the terrorist was able to injure or kill over 600 people. The weapons he used, despite the efforts of the NRA and its supporters, were perfectly legal. In fact, the National Rifle Association fought diligently to make sure those guns were legal when it successfully lobbied Congress and President Bush to allow the Assault Weapons ban to expire in 2004.

Would the ban have prevented the Las Vegas slaughter?

NRA Terrorism carnage
The NRA is responsible

There is simply no way to know if the assault weapons ban would have prevented this latest act of terrorism. However, we owe it to ourselves and our country to find out if it could.

As long as politicians continue to take money from the NRA and do their bidding we will continue to see terrorist acts like Las Vegas. This is why as Americans we should view the NRA as a terrorist organization. As long as the National Rifle Association continues to fight against every sensible gun law, they should be held accountable EVERY TIME a terror mass shooting occurs.

We must put pressure on the National Rifle Association

As we have seen in event after event, putting pressure on our political leaders means nothing. They are paid voters for whatever the NRA wants. All they care to offer are thoughts and prayers.

A vast majority of Americans favor some form of gun control, yet our politicians continue to do the bidding of a lobbying group. Why? Money. The NRA loves to throw money at politicians, especially those that will vote on gun control measures they want (or stop them all together).

So, as Americans, we need to start putting pressure on the NRA to do the right thing. There is a reason that George H.W. Bush left the NRA, what we are seeing from the NRA is that reason.

The NRA has warped the 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment as written is actually very straightforward in who is actually supposed to have the right to bear arms. Those people serving in militias. As time has advanced militias have become relegated to our history, and the NRA has fought to change the meaning of the amendment as if every American should have that right.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has sided with the National Rifle Association at many points and the meaning of the amendment has changed. That should not mean that as Americans we should stop fighting for change. There is no reason why we cannot have sensible gun laws.

Despite National Rifle Association efforts, all is not lost

As Americans it is up to us to make meaningful and effective changes. We have seen just in the last year exactly what the power of our voice can do.

There is no reason why, when a majority of Americans favor sensible gun laws, that we should be held hostage by the NRA and its cronies. We should not fear going to places of worship, schools and colleges, movie theaters, night clubs, and concerts just because the NRA wants to arm everyone.

This is not a fight that should focus solely on the NRA and our federal government. We need to focus on our state legislatures as well. America’s gun culture is rotten and the only way it is ever going to change is the majority of us fight back and use our collective voice to drown out the National Rifle Association.


  1. My definition of Terrorism is Simple and applies in Every instance >>>

    “If people are “Terrorized” then it is TERRORISM !!! “

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