Trump’s Racism has become the sickening reality in which we now live. It was revealed even when Americans are down and dying from a natural disaster. It’s not below Trump to intentionally make things a lot worse.

For starters, President Trump’s public trolling and hostile attacks against San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz left millions of Americans rolling their eyes before Trump set foot on the ground.

His brief four hour visit to Puerto Rico was not enough to force him to change his tune, as he did just as much damage as he already does from the safety of Twitter, on the ground.

During a session with some of the U.S. island’s leaders, President Trump told them straight out that Puerto Rico was still in debt, in fact, scolding them for it. There was nothing consoling about his approach and only in some altered Stanislaw Lem kind of reality, would it even be somewhat acceptable.

While another tragic event in Las Vegas competed for the President’s attention, the U.S. Virgin Islands are also devastated from Hurricane Irma and Maria. Both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are perfect examples of minority demographics that we’ve already predicted how Trump will respond to. If anything, the amount of attention the President has paid to each one might serve as an example of which one he despises the most.

During the time that Trump was in Puerto Rico, he not only scolded the leaders for its debt, but threw rolls of paper towels to an “adoring” crowd and even contemplated throwing cans of soup, when the crowd “gently” told him not to.

On top of this, the President appeared to be suspicious of a church member’s effort to pass out water-purification kits, wondering if she had worked for the company that made the kits. This was because, to him, she seemed pretty determined to get people to take the kits for free. It would seem that President Trump was completely shocked that people deserved free clean water to survive, not convinced that they shouldn’t be charged for the kits.

Overall, his visit to Puerto Rico was only to Guaynabo, a wealthy suburb of San Juan that saw very little devastation. Many of those to greet the President were already Trump supporters and had fully-charged smart phones to take pictures of him.

And while Trump saw very little of Puerto Rico, he saw even less of the Virgin Islands. Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) told neo-liberal Joy Reid last week that many on the island were starting to believe that Trump’s racism was keeping him from making an appearance. This is because it’s a predominately black territory. In fact, President Trump only paid a visit to Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp, but made no public appearances.

Trump’s presence at a disaster site is ironic for the simple reason that he himself represents a disaster in politics and in public relations. In the end, Mike Pence has had to take Trump’s place.

But no one should think that the President’s presence at a disaster area is going to do anything but create more problems. In fact, it’s just a better idea that he doesn’t show up at all. If anything, his attacks against the people of Puerto Rico via Twitter is just a clear indication that he doesn’t want to show up to console anyone anyway.


  1. In my view there appears to be an increasing gulf between races, rich and poor, jobbed and jobless, and most other diachotomies in our societies. The massive chasm between urban and rural areas in regards to fracking, energy use, mining, and farming means many urbanites have little understanding of how food is produced let alone costs, people and climate change. The more pressing issue is many leaders are ‘getting away’ with such blatant behaviors.

  2. I’m not surprised about what seems to be Trump’s pure and open racism. Racism is a learned behavior, usually from the help of family and friends. If you do not know by now that Trump & his administration seem to be uncaring for people of color, you must not have the ability to think for yourself. It’s very sad, but true. It’s one reason those “red state” politicians are hired in DOJ, etc–to hinder, hurt and downplay people of color.

    Many people of color worked for free daily to help build this country, while being considered only 3/5 citizens. These folks took care of the slave owners kids, clean his home, cooked his meals, washed his stinky clean thing, entertained his racist guests and had the owners’ babies after being raped by him.

    Do you really think that a man who urinates in a gold-plated toilet cares about the plight and lives of people of color or poor & middle class citizens? Do you think a man with a mentally spent mind cares about these people? Do you think he’ll change his mind about his racism or racist views? Do you think there is a racist reason why the president and his cronies seem to always have the need to bash Obama or retaliate against Obama’s presidential decisions.

    Sadly, and seemingly, no changes will come from this administration. Remember, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, so the saying goes. Things will get worse before they get better. The administration seems to be leading the march of racism in America.

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