Corporate Democrats are on the defense as primary challenges are growing against them. After the recent piece penned by Donna Brazile in Politico, it will only grow. By now the news of the piece is well-known. As if they didn’t need another reason for voters to mistrust them.

Donna Brazile, former DNC Iterim-Chairwoman, has reinforced what progressives have known since last year; the DNC rigged the 2016 primary against Bernie Sanders (and the other challengers). Brazile’s recent revelations in Politico are important, as we now have a nuts and bolts idea of why the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie.

Despite the importance, and relevance of Brazile’s information however, the Clinton Democrats are in denial and defense. Major media outlets also do not seem to take the Brazile piece seriously. The corporate establishment will cling to its sinking ship.

Progressives are not overwhelmingly shocked by Donna Brazile’s piece in Politico. It had been known through WikiLeaks a year ago that the DNC was clearly biased against Bernie in favor of Hillary Clinton. Brazile’s piece, however, did provide an important context to the bias.

The DNC was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton because the Democratic Party was in debt thanks to Barack Obama. The Clintons offered to alleviate the party’s debt, in exchange for de-facto control over the Democratic Party itself. The Clinton grip was so tight over the party, that not even a press-release could be put out without approval from the Clinton camp. What’s disturbing is that this was a deal made in 2015, months before the first primary vote was cast.

Perhaps the worst revelation is the money laundering that took place. The laundering, in this case, was perfectly legal. Ethically, however, it is quite damning. Money meant to go to state and local Democratic races were funneled back to the Clinton campaign. Less than half of 1% of money meant for local races made it to those candidates.

The Clinton campaign raked in the lion’s share of all donations, many of which were achieved through loopholes meant to fund state and local Democratic Party races. This is a clear case of corruption. Try telling party apologists that, however.

Democratic Party apologists have made their rounds on media to deflect or distract from Brazile’s revelations. Their messaging is all over the place. Some deflect and say the news isn’t important. Others attack and claim it isn’t helpful to rehash the 2016 primary. Ironic, seeing as Hillary Clinton wrote a book blaming everyone but herself for her loss in last year’s election. Donna Brazile herself is under vicious attack, by people she probably once called her friends.

It should be appropriate to label those attacking Brazile sexists who hate women of color. I wrote a piece criticizing Joy Ann Reid, and one of the most common attacks against the article was accusations of sexism and hatred of women of color. This line of attack is common against Bernie supporters in general. It only goes to show there are no principles to establishment Democrats and their apologists.

Journalist Caitline Johnstone has pointed out the leap of logic Democratic Party pundits jump to defend Hillary and the DNC. From Howard Dean, Keith Olberman, to Peter Daou, the new talking point is that the deal between Hillary and the DNC was only for the general election. Yet, as Johnstone pointed out, the deal was made in 2015. How can the party make a deal to prep for a general election before a single primary vote has been cast?

It seems that the Democratic Party establishment is a snake that slowly eats itself. This is not a new observation to progressives. This is why there is a push to primary corporate Democrats to begin with. Loyalty rests only with those who write the checks, not to voters or principle. This has become so apparent that even Congressional Democrats are jumping ship.

Elizabeth Warren has recently admitted on CNN that the primary was “rigged” against Bernie. She, and other Democrats, had been reserved in talking about the 2016 primary in such a strong way. Warren, while progressive, has been cautious in calling out her own party’s corruption. Even she is now shedding her caution.

Tulsi Gabbard gave a great interview to The Real News Network on this issue. Gabbard, along with other progressives in Congress, are seeing the trend. The writing is on the walls. Corporate Democrats are losing their grip on the party. It’s only a matter of time before progressives clean-house. Despite this, they will desperately cling to power.

Democratic Party apologists will never admit the guilt of the Clinton camp. They will fight tooth and nail to keep things the same. They’ve already been fighting hard to keep progressives out of leadership positions in the party.

The DNC recently purged many members who were Bernie supporters during the primary, as well as those who supported Keith Ellison over Tom Perez for DNC Chair. The DNC also is trying to prevent progressive candidates from using the Voter Access Network, or VAN, that should be accessible to all candidates in the Democratic Party. Try as they will, these dirty tactics will not bring them victory.

The genie isn’t going back in the bottle. The truth is out on the rigging of the 2016 primary. If the establishment of the Democratic Party try and rig the game against progressives again, they will only see crushing defeat. They may be successful in the short-term in defeating progressives, but they will ultimately lose to the Republicans again. Jimmy Dore has always commented that Democrats would rather lose to Republicans than win with progressives. If the party establishment keeps their same behavior up, this is exactly what will happen. There is hope, however.

At this point, progressives need to push harder than ever to take over the party. It’s clear that the Democratic Party establishment is willing to play dirty to maintain power. Yet, it’s the Democratic base that ultimately will turn against them. At this point, progressives are not naïve to the dirty tricks of the party establishment. Elected Democrats are also starting to feel the backlash. Even as Donna Brazile is trying to walk back her Politico piece, it’s too late. The Democratic Party establishment will cling to their sinking ship, if they have first-class seats.


  1. I have been registered as a Democrat for 56 years. But until the party gets rid of “super-delegates” I will be voting “Green”. And I will never knowingly vote for a corporate shill even one posing as a Democrat.

  2. While democratic party organization does need cleaning up, we can multi-task right? The biggest issue facing us is the one-party racist libertarian rule we now live under. We can fight with the different liberal factions all we want, but if that fighting keeps us choking under the yoke of the racist libertarians, than it’s on us. We all need each other to drive out the Ayn Randers, Billionaire racists, and christian Dominionists. Those groups are the enemy, not the corporate establishment democrats.

    • I would argue they are just as big of an enemy. The corporate dems stood by and allowed the Republicans to run roughshod, even when Obama was president. The corporate dems stood in the way of true healthcare reform just as much as Republicans. The centrist dems agree with those right-wing quacks on half the issues, from war to trade policy. We can’t ignore them just because they are liberal on some social issues. We have to escape the mentality of compromise. The right-wing will never compromise, so neither should we. Corporate dems are standing in our way, and they need to step aside. If they don’t go willingly, we will force them. Only then can we truly challenge the right-wing goon-state.

      • I believe current events severely undermine your position. If the corporate republicans were the ones with current one-party rule, what you wrote would be true. But those days are gone. The corporate republicans are gone like the do-do bird. What replaced them is the aforementioned Ayn Randers, Billionaire racists, and christian Dominionists that will lead us further towards fascism and leave our progressive ideas permanently outside the power structure. A lot of people, especially older republicans, don’t realize what has happened to their party. I’m not defending them, but there were many of the now departed corporate republicans that supported some semblance of a social safety net, clean water and air, throwing the working class a bone now and then, etc. If you wanted to make the case that the corporate dems are the successor to the corporate republicans, fine. But the corporate dems are not out to gut the environment, take all the money for themselves, and starve unemployable citizens like the our current Randian rulers do. Our current one-party rulers do not respect democracy, and all people that do respect democracy need to band together to fight them. Once we win then we can fight with the democratic corporatists. Until then, we are all SOL.

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