Hello my fellow citizens of the world, my name is Quiet Mike and welcome to Partyless Politics. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I have been sharing my brand of political analysis for over a decade now on various websites starting with Forget the Box back in 2010.

I soon decided to go my own way and founded quietmike.org in 2013 which later morphed in progressivespring.com a few years later. At our peak, we were a dozen progressive writers strong. A family of sorts. We did not do it for money or social media fame. We did it because we were desperate for political and social change.

I decided to halt my political analyses and critiques at the end of 2017. I had grown up a bit that year. Fell in love, got married, bought a house, had lots of distractions. I guess a year into Trump’s Presidency I told myself I had enough of writing for awhile. But the truth is, it had started a year before all these changes.

As an independent Canadian, I have never identified with a single political party, just the men and women who lead them. When I first started writing, that man was Jack Layton. A Montreal born democratic socialist and leader of the NDP.

He was the first (and last) politician I ever volunteered my time for. And he crushed it. In that election his party won official opposition status for the first time in history, but Layton never got to enjoy the fruits of his labor, he passed away just a few months later. The fire was gone and the NDP leader was replaced by lesser men (until recently).

Although I kept writing, politics and the hope for change had lost its excitement. Layton was gone and south of the border, President Obama had turned out to be just another corporate vessel who kept most of the status quo in place.

My hope was rekindled about four years later by a man I had been listening to for years on the radio every Friday at noon. Those “Brunch with Bernie” hours on the Thom Hartman Show left me no doubt that Bernie Sanders was the one man who can change things around. He was Jack Layton without the mustache and an independent to boot.

In progressive circles, the tragedy of that 2016 election will never be forgotten. There are plenty of facts out there that demonstrate how the DNC favored one candidate over the other. In fact, the DNC got sued for their partiality and their defense was that it was their right to be partial.

When facing Trump, Clinton campaigned on an empty platform in the wrong places to the wrong people. She could not figure out, like Sanders’ had, that independents, make up most of the electorate and vote for people, not parties.

Post election, we wrote articles suggesting that a country’s citizenry does not owe one thing to the parties that try to govern them. That if you look, the only thing you will find is blind loyalty to a system that has kept them under the corporate boot for decades. If someone is wearing those boots, many progressives will not vote for them.

The criticism towards my writers and I was often harsh and uncalled for. All we did was report the facts and interpret them. But that did not matter. Just like the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and its loyal followers placed party before facts and party before country.

Needless to say, by the time I met my future wife, my taste in politics had soured, though my attention was never far from it. Late last year my wife voted for the first time as a Canadian citizen and she looked at me for advice. She ended up voting for a different party, but I was proud of her informed decision.

A New Beginning

The experience got me thinking about writing again. I guess all I needed was an excuse to start (that and a pandemic). The sourness I felt a few years back has not gone away to be honest. Trump has polarized people so much that one wrong word and you’re helping the other side.

I realized something though, through this lock-down and health scare. There is no side, but the people’s side. That is what it has always been about, parties and politicians be damned.

In the end, I decided to get back in the game with Partyless Politics. A place for independent minded progressives to get their news and opinions. Facts over factions I like to say.

If your loyalties lie with a certain political party, political organization, corporation or even country, the chances are you are not going to like some of the things we are going to say, but we will always welcome your comments.

Some of our old writers will be returning, like my dear Julian who has been with me since the start of QM. Others will come aboard in time. If anyone would like to write for us, just hit us up on the contribute page. It is a great place for students to hone their craft and I’ve come to realize it’s a terrific outlet to take out your anger and frustrations.

As Covid-19 reshapes humanity around the world. As America rebels at the sight of another dead black man at the hands of the police. Just as economic neo-liberalism enters it’s 5th decade. I want to welcome all of you to our new website and hopefully a clean perspective.



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