Depending where you live in the United States, the worst of the First Wave of Covid-19 might seem over. For instance, in hardest hit New York State, new cases have gone from 10,000 a day in April to less than a thousand a day in mid June.

New York is an extreme example of the corona-virus slowly fading, but it isn’t gone. It has simply become more manageable. There are other states that share this downward trend like Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. On the other hand, there are states that never slowed down, and in fact sped up quickly.

Pundits on television news and social media will look at those manageable states and warn that a second wave may be imminent. That might be true, but in reality, the first wave of Covid-19 is still spreading like wildfire throughout the country.

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First Wave of Covid-19
Covid-19 cases in the U.S.

There are those who have been downplaying the virus from the beginning. The Trump administration being the worst of the bunch. They called Covid-19 a hoax in January, said everything was fine in February and watched nearly 120,000 Americans die since then.

You can now see the Trump manipulation take affect in Republican controlled states across the land. Red states that opened up the economy despite having no meaningful reduction in active corona-virus cases.

There are currently 21 states/territories showing an increase in daily cases. Compare that to 20 showing a decrease and the rest staying the same. If you look at a chart of daily infected since the pandemic came to America, you’ll see a continuous upward surge.

The only positive when looking at the whole picture is the decline in deaths. The mortality rate is declining overall due to the virus being more spread out. When New York was the epicenter of the outbreak, they did not have the capacity to treat everyone. And people died at an extremely high rate.

There is yet to be another New York City type outbreak in the country, but it’s still too early to conclude that it won’t happen somewhere else in the future. As the country reopens and new cases spike, hospitals in some areas are nearing full capacity.

In Arizona, where daily cases have tripled in the last fourteen days, hospital capacity is around 83%. Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey acknowledged the spike in positive cases but said a second stay-at-home order was “not under discussion. We put the stay-at-home order there so we could prepare for what we are going through.”

It’s going to be interesting to see where this country stands in the next few weeks. With Trump starting to do rallies again and his MAGA minions downplaying the disease, even the effectiveness of masks, who knows how bad it might get.

Let’s not forget the countrywide protests after the death of George Floyd. The protesters were at least (mostly) masked and outside, but when you have thousands of people gathering close to each other. The only good that will come out of it is possible social change.

The first wave of Covid-19 is not over, no matter what politicians and pundits may tell you. Infections nationwide have never really gone down; they’ve just spread out. Americans seem to keep finding ways that allow the virus to continue spreading. As a result, we may see a new spike in deaths long before we see a second wave of cases.

To see where the United States and other countries rank with the corona-virus. please see our Covid-19 statistics page.

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