It’s not often that I plead with my audience not to read something, but here we are. Less than a week away from the highly anticipated scheduled release of John Bolton’s Book “The Room Where It Happened” and it’s already a best seller on Amazon.

With Donald Trump being such an outrageous President, it’s no surprise that people who see him that way are looking for as much dirt on him as possible. It’s never enough. There have been countless books written about Trump’s presidency. He’s received endless amounts of press time. Everyday brings another scandal or shameful tweet.

The question is, do we need to make an ultra conservative, warmongering traitor of a man a little wealthier to get more dirt? There is only one reason to buy John Bolton’s Book, but many more reasons to leave the book alone… Just pretend Sarah Palin wrote it.

Nothing Shocking

After almost four years of his reign, what is going to surprise or shock you? Trump has mocked the handicapped, veterans, minorities, liberals, conservatives, shit-hole countries, immigrants, etc. etc. There are books written on this subject alone.

Same goes for the dumb things Trump has said. The Don has lied thousands and thousands of times. He said windmills cause cancer. There are good people on both sides. F35 Jets are invisible. It’s wet in terms of water. We should nuke hurricanes. Covfefe. You think Bolton caught Trump saying something stupider? Well, I guess that’s possible.

As far as John Bolton’s Book actual goes, he asked China for help with the 2020 election. He had no problem with China’s Muslim concentration camps. Trump didn’t like sanctions on Russia. He wanted to make reporters ‘serve time in jail.’ Seriously, is this breaking news? Is it shocking? This is supposedly the worst of it.

Let the Press do their Job

First off, the mainstream media is going to be all over this book for a while. The profit and ratings driven media are going to suck the life out of this story as if Trump is being impeached again. You can just let the media do their half assed job and inform you as to what juicy details are abound in the book.

Every single detail will be debated and discussed front to back, by CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the lot. You’ll have nothing left to read anyway. Think of it as a Rachel Maddow audio book.

John Bolton has Blood on his Hands

The main reason I ask liberals in particular to stay away from “The Room Where It Happened,” is because of who wrote it. John Bolton is trump’s former national security adviser and George W. Bush’s Ambassador to the U.N. Few men are more despicable.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes summed it up the best the other night. “He is a completely morally odious individual you would not want in your organization or anywhere around you, and yet he is of course also a Fox News contributor and at the highest levels of the Republican policy making.”

Bolton was of course an architect of the Iraq war, and a war criminal as a result. He was hostile to any opposition of America’s foreign policies. Policies he tried to continue under Trump. If Bolton had Trump’s ear the same way he had Bush’s, The U.S. would presently be occupying Iran.

Under Trump, Bolton was one of the people that broke up the White House pandemic response unit. Start there. Bolton is more known for fighting against testifying in front of congress during the house impeachment hearings on Ukraine. Instead he shared his thought for a bunch of rich bankers who paid him for it. He then held out for a $2 million book deal. Bolton clearly sold out the American people.

As bad as not testifying was, one must wonder why Bolton never acted on what he saw Trump doing at the time. Why didn’t he let the public know about his dealings with China, Turkey, and the rest? As it turns out, Bolton and Trump are a lot alike. They both think only about themselves.

What a lot of people don’t realize is just how much worse Bolton can be. Bolton said the most irrational thing he’s ever seen a president do was not retaliate against Iran when they shot down an unmanned American drone.

So, liberals, do yourself a favor and save some of your money. If you think of yourself as part of the resistance, resist this. If you’re looking for a little more entertainment these days, go watch “Da 5 Bloods” on Netflix or something. Just don’t add to the coffers of this terrible human being.

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