Over Trump’s term as president, it has been easy to observe how weak Democratic opposition to his rule has been. Trump has gotten away with literally everything. In this election year, when the media plays a key role, Democrats have sat on the sidelines and grumbled. Meanwhile, across the aisle, moderate Republicans are attacking Trump and keeping their fingers on the trigger.

Before you liberals start complaining as well, I’m not referring to Democrats taking action. Like their half-assed impeachment strategy or Mueller Inquiry. I’m not talking about the Democrat’s backing of Trump’s increased funding to the military. Truth is, they’ve spent far too much time trying to remove him from office rather than opposing his office. But I digress.

What I’m talking about here is how Democrats are opposing Trump through the media, commercials, attack ads, etc. With Donald Trump, you must fight fire with fire. Let’s face it, if you can’t find something to attack Trump on, you’re in a coma.

To their credit, Democrats and the Biden campaign have turned it up a notch lately, but they can’t hold a candle to the work the Lincoln Project has been doing. The Lincoln Project is a group of moderate Republicans who are determined to see Trump leave office in 2020.

Their members include political strategist Steve Schmidt, Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway, Rick Wilson, and others. They are by no means progressive or even liberal. They in fact boosted for Biden in order to have a more conservative Democratic nominee.

Under normal circumstance the Lincoln Project would be nothing to admire and in fact despised if or I should say when, they decide to go after Democrats. That being said, these Republicans are attacking Trump like no one else. Leave it to Republicans to go for the jugular.

Their ads run for 30 seconds to a minute long. They attack Trump’s racism, Trump’s physical health, the size of his crowds. The Lincoln Project goes places Democrats refuse to go. Perhaps democrats feel the ads are morally beneath them, but no one can deny how effective they are. The fact of the matter is, these ads don’t even need a narrator, sometimes they just let Trump speak for himself.

Progressives like myself can’t help but admire the passion the Lincoln Project is demonstrating. We’ve wanted to see ads like this for years. Hopefully, and it seems like they are, the Biden team is taking notes.

Joe Biden was nominated on the basis that he would “beat Trump like a drum.” While it seems like he can sit back at let the Lincoln Project do his work for him, he should just use it as a side weapon. The last thing progressives want is for Biden to think he’s in the debt to a bunch of conservative Republicans.

If you haven’t seen the ads, here is a sample:


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