When you have a stupid president, it’s only logical you get stuck with some stupid citizens. Thanks to social media and the outrage machine it has become, we get to see them every day. The newest outrage has become these MAGA anti-mask morons being outright hostile to the idea of wearing masks during a pandemic. This hostility is returned on them by people outraged by their outrage. Not America’s finest hour.

My wife and I have been wearing masks from the beginning. She had been at increased risk of contracting Covid-19 as an essential worker in a chicken processing plant. A place which at one time had more than 20 positive cases. Yes, she wears a mask to try and protect herself, but it’s mainly to protect her family, friends and I.

This is the way. By now, if you don’t know masks are there to protect others, not yourself, you’re never going to get it. The pandemic is like a sport where in order to win, everyone has to play, or everyone loses. I’ll let you guess what the score is.

The MAGA inspired anti-mask morons you see on twitter and Instagram, ranting and raving, are the extreme of course. Their outrage is hilarious regardless of the seriousness of their negligence. Nothing is going to make these people smarter or make them wise up short of contracting the disease themselves. And they will eventually. In the meantime, all you can do is laugh.

The videos taken of the anti-mask people in Palm Beach, Florida, speaking to legislators is downright ridiculous and extreme. If you haven’t seen I suggest you watch it. If nothing else for a laugh, but to see what our pandemic troubled society is facing as cases rise to record levels.

“They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out”

The most entertaining was the woman in the red shirt railing against masks, 5G, and the devil. She went on to demand the arrest of Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and other pedophiles. And this Qanon inspired lunatic suggested everyone else was crazy.

These types of videos are popping up everywhere. The MAGA inspired anti-mask conspiracy theorists chanting freedom outside of grocery stores will never understand that freedom doesn’t mean you are free to be dumb.

It’s not a good time to be a grocery clerk or work in retail. I know people, in lower risk communities, who have quit their jobs for refusing to deal with these idiots. Who can blame them? Putting your life at risk as an essential worker for people who don’t respect your own health?

So, what is the solution? You can’t really be hostile toward these anti-mask people or you risk looking just as crazy. Regardless if you’re in the right. The malls recently reopened in my neighborhood and I would say 50% of the people there were mask-less. What can I do, give them all shit? Of course not.

The only civilized actions we can commit to is stay calm. Ridicule them online when given the chance, we all need some levity during a pandemic. Avoid them as much as possible in public. If it get’s to the point where one of them gets in your mask wearing face or is causing a scene, call the cops.

Like that popular meme suggests; A mask is not a political statement, it’s an IQ test. No one needs stupid people in their lives. Not now. Stay safe.


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