Kanye West’s Presidential Announcement might make headline news on Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood, but beyond these gossip shows, no one gives a damn. If you think one right-wing reality star billionaire is going to run against another, I have a sex tape to sell you.

On Saturday, West announced in a tweet that he’s running for president, maybe this year… over Twitter. I hate to break it to all the celebrity sleuths out there, but recently minted/not-minted billionaire Kim Kardashian will not be the next First Lady.

Thank the heavens for that. Having a racist model as First Lady is bad enough. Imagine a First Lady who got famous from a blow job? Try explaining that one to your kids.

The rapper said in his tweet that “I am running for president of the United States,” and followed it with the hashtag “2020Vision.” It’s with that hashtag that you should realize that Kanye West’s Presidential Announcement is nothing more than a publicity stunt to promote his upcoming album.

Kanye West Presidential Announcement

West is following in his idol’s footsteps, not to become president, but to use his fame for his own personal gain, just like his wife. “2020Vision” is likely just a slogan or a song on his forthcoming record reportedly titled “God’s Country.”

Furthermore, why would the MAGA hat wearing Kanye West run against Donald Trump? The only logic I can come up with is to siphon the black vote away from Biden. Well, that’s not going to work, especially if Trump stays his present course.

I’d be shocked if Kanye managed to take away more than 20% of the black vote from Biden. That’s 1/5 of the 13% black population. Kanye would also get a certain percentage of Trump voters, so not much would really change. All this talk about West becoming a third-party spoiler like Jill Stein is idiotic. First, Stein didn’t spoil anything, she ran far to the left of the Democratic Party. Second, Stein has never and will never put on a MAGA hat.

The fact is, Trump has bungled everything he touches in 2020. Biden has a double-digit lead according to most polls. Biden could get shot and killed in the middle of fifth avenue right now and still beat Trump. Harsh, true and a reference Trump supporters can understand. The point is, Kanye won’t make a difference.

It annoys me when celebrities suck the air out of the news cycle to promote themselves for anything, let alone a presidential run. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s shameful. What makes me angry is when the perpetrators are already billionaires with little need for money. They just love the attention.

Kanye West Presidential Announcement

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