Civilization has backed itself into a corner. Decades of plundering the earth and siphoning the spoils off to a small group of privileged individuals has left the world poor, weak and vulnerable. How suiting is it that Mother Nature chose this moment in time for the opening shock and awe salvo of World War III.

Make no mistake, World War III is the battle we currently find ourselves in. Unlike the global conflicts of the 20th century, the main enemy is invisible. The goal is straight up survival and the end game is adaptation and capitulation. It’s not a war that can be fought with traditional armaments or resources. Quite the opposite.

This conflict does have its similarities though. The enemy takes no prisoners, shows no mercy and like the Nazis, can be extremely prejudice. The similarities also lie in how to defeat it. It will take courage, it will take unity, and it will take an international effort the likes of which the world has never seen. It won’t be easy.

The war is being lost on all fronts.

As humanity creeps slowly toward the point of no return on climate change, Mother Nature has chosen the perfect time to strike. There are currently large portions of the earth’s population under the leadership of autocratic strongmen.

The United States, Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc. are the more prime examples and all represent some of the most populous countries on earth. Some of their leaders don’t believe in Climate Change, others could care less about the pandemic, some don’t even believe in science.

Not only do some of these countries deny a war for our survival is underway, they are helping the enemy. Suspending or deregulating environmental laws, deforestation, withdrawing from treaties, incentivizing and subsidizing polluters, on and on. They will never surrender unless forced to.

The increase in natural disasters and warm weather over the last thirty years should have been a warning, but it has taken the shock and awe of a global pandemic to see the full scale of what we are up against. The question now is, will we have the funds and technology to face the long-term war after our battle with Covid-19 is over?

The virus has caused national debts to skyrocket and the global economy to crash. It’s estimated that the nations of the world have pumped more than $8 trillion into Covid-19 relief efforts so far. Imagine what we could have done with this money to combat climate change.

We are facing deficits not seen since World War II and we are by no means out of the woods. Imagine spending $4 trillion only to have the pandemic spiral out of control? That’s in the richest country the world has ever seen. A place where the mortality rate was still far higher among the poor and elderly.

What happens if the coronavirus hits developing countries hard? We are already seeing it in South America. The situation could just as easily spiral out of control in Africa. With no sufficient economic capacity, social safety net or humane living conditions, the pandemic could become a matter of life or death for hundreds of millions of people. Mother Nature is prejudice, don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

World War III is seen as man against nature for the time being. The possibility of it spilling over into another conventional war years down the road is real. Just like the good ole days. Having China on the rise as the United States stumbles could set off a series of events like the cold war with the Soviets, but with different results. Predictions go out the window when Mother Nature gets involved.

In the not too distant future, if nothing changes, we’ll all be fighting over earth’s dwindling resources, fresh water, fertile land, and new arctic shipping lanes. Just like in politics, Mother Nature’s plan is to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while she gets away with mass genocide.

The United Nations has warned that the number of climate refugees could reach one billion by 2050. That’ll be roughly 15% of the world’s population. It also does not include any refugees from other would-be conflicts. Imagine a billion people displaced in a world with shrinking fresh water supplies and rising soil infertility.

The war for our future has started and Covid-19 is already occupying the world. The fight against the coronavirus will be won eventually. The cure will come through a vaccine or natural immunization. The query that remains is just how handicapped humanity will be coming out of it.

World War III is about adaptation and submission to Mother Nature. Humankind must change its ways or face eventual extinction. Nature will not conform to us in a livable manner.

To that end, the enemy isn’t Mother Nature, the invisible adversary of which I spoke is the powers that be. The government, the politicians, the lobbyists, the corporations, the wealthy, the elite. Everyone who stands to lose little, while the rest of us lose everything. The war has started. How long do we wait to fight back?

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