For the months of January and February, the Trump Administration told the American public that there was nothing to see here. It would go away. A line Trump has repeated as recently as this month. Now, as the virus has infected close to 3.7 million and killed off nearly 140,000, the GOP across the country can be seen as helping the public get sick from Covid-19.

No, they aren’t physically injecting citizens with the virus, that would be diabolical. Instead they are doing everything they can to prevent safety measure from going into place. It starts with the White House ordering hospitals to send Covid-19 patient data directly to the Department of Health and Human Services rather than the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC data was used to make projections and crucial decisions but may no longer be available. Researchers and health officials who relied on the data, may now have to start flying blind. The CDC didn’t just gather infection and mortality statistics. It also kept track of hospital and ICU bed occupancy, PPE supply, etc.

The Department of Health and Human Services is not open to the public. They can choose to ignore the data the White House sees fit to withhold. If they choose to do so, the pandemic could rage further out of control while the public stays in the dark.

In Georgia, the pandemic has infected more than 127,000 Georgians so far. More than the entire country of Canada. To fight this surge, Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp issued an executive order Wednesday night banning the mandating of masks across the state.

Instead of actively trying to reduce the amount of infections, Kemp is working to ensure it continues to worsen. Democrat Stacy Abrams weighed in by saying “More than 3,000 Georgians have perished, disproportionately Black and brown Georgians. And he continues to fiddle while Rome burns.”

Meanwhile, the Trump administration along with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have been pushing for schools to reopen in the fall. They have no plan to keep kids or teachers safe even as the peak of the pandemic changes day after day and will likely continue well into August.

Teachers are so afraid of their schools reopening too soon, that they are filling out wills. Reopening schools at the height of a pandemic is a recipe for disaster. Particularly without the proper funding to ensure safety measures are in place and without a plan to implement them. Kids, who tend to be more asymptomatic, will go to school, spread the disease, and return home to give it to their parents.

To make matters worse, instead of plan to open schools safely, Trump and Republicans are weighing a plan to punish schools that don’t reopen. They plan to withhold Covid-19 funds, essentially blackmailing states and cities who don’t fully reopen.

Let’s not forget the Trump and GOP led attack on the science behind Covid-19. From suggesting hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure to ingesting disinfectants. The misinformation that gets spread can literally get you killed.

You would also have to include the GOP, Fox News, and the White House’s latest attempt to demonize the nation’s leading infectious disease expert. The apolitical Dr. Anthony Fauci. Criticizing Dr. Fauci, who admittedly made some early mistakes, for all the country’s problems and calling for his ouster, is another disaster waiting to happen.

What you are telling the American people, is that Dr. Fauci doesn’t know anything. You shouldn’t listen to him, or worse, you should do the opposite. Only 65% of the country now trusts him. That’s not enough to instill confidence in a populace getting ravaged by Covid-19.

Sitting back and doing nothing has become common place with an administration that has perfected the art of laissez-faire government. However, Republicans aren’t just doing nothing, they continue to make matters worse. Arguably on purpose.

Despite all they’ve done wrong. To make you sick from Covid-19 or simply ignore it. Trump still enjoys a 38% approval rating. That’s an awfully high percentage of the population who think the same way. Who will likely spread the virus without a care. It’s not hard to see how sleepy Joe Biden has opened a 15-point lead. But what will be left if he should take over?

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