Through two democratic primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tried to steer the Democratic Party and the country in a more progressive direction. Both times his attempts were rejected by centrists on the grounds that Republicans would have a field day with Bernie’s socialist views. Little did they know, Democrats in 2020 would eventually nominate radical leftist and super uber-Marxist Joe Biden.

Truth is, Joe Biden is about as radical as the ice cream gathering dust at the bottom of Nancy Pelosi’s $24,000 Freezer. He’s also about as leftist as Ted Cruz is a centrist. He’s as neo-liberal as they come, but like progressives warned, it won’t stop Trump and his re-election campaign from painting him as Lenin reborn.

With the pandemic raging out of control and the economy tanking, Trump has nothing but his racism and fear mongering to fall back on. So, over the next few months you can expect the Trump Campaign to paint Democrats as communists and Biden as Stalin.

Little does Trump know; his strategy won’t work. It wouldn’t have worked on Sanders, and it certainly won’t work on Biden, for several reasons. First, Joe Biden being a leftist is just another Trump lie or misleading statement in a long list that spans tens of thousands.

Biden has been a conservative corporate Democrat most of his career. You can start with his segregationist stance in the 1970s on busing black students into majority white schools.

In the 1990s, he voted for the anti-LGBT Defense of Marriage Act. He helped create the notorious crime bill which helped to create the Prison Industrial Complex. Biden voted for the Welfare Reform bill while a couple years later he voted to deregulate Wall-Street. Let’s not forget how he botched the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

In the 2000s, he infamously voted in favor of the Iraq war and the Patriot Act. He got rewarded near the end of the decade by becoming Obama’s vice-presidential running mate. Knowing he was going to run a left leaning campaign of hope, Obama selected Biden to shore up the more moderate/conservative white vote. It worked.

After forty-five years in congress, Biden still hasn’t changed much. He’s flipped on some issues like gay marriage, but when it comes to healthcare, the environment, and trickle-down economics, he’s the same ole Joe. During the Democratic Primary he’s on record telling his donors that if he’s elected, nothing would fundamentally change.

To shore up the progressive vote before the general election, Biden formed a “unity” task force with formal rival Bernie Sanders. While the official Biden platform will be released at the Democratic National Convention, an early look at the task force’s recommendations fell well short of meeting progressive expectations.

The progressive shortcomings of the task force have not stopped Donald Trump from lying about Biden’s non-existent positions. For example, Trump argued that Biden wishes to de-fund the police, Biden has actually said he wishes to increase funding.

Both Trump and Biden can’t seem to grasp that the United States of America is a progressive country. The majority of the nation support Medicare for all, taxing the wealthy, tuition free college, a green new deal and legalized marijuana. Both campaigns have things backwards.

Let’s face it, Trump is screwing up so bad right now, it doesn’t matter what Biden’s policies are. For arguments sake, let’s say the pandemic wasn’t a factor. Biden would be making the same fatal mistake that Clinton made in 2016, by not going after progressive, independent voters.

As for Trump, he’s shooting himself in the foot casting Biden as a radical leftist. After forty years of Reaganomics, there are millions of people who are begging for left-wing populism. It’s how Obama got elected after all. The first time anyway.

If the Trump campaign had any brains, they’d be more honest and cast Biden as more conservative. That’s how he beat Clinton. He ran to the left of her on foreign policy and trade. By presenting Biden as he is, with his record, Trump wouldn’t necessarily gain many votes, but he would manage to get some progressives and independents to stay home or vote 3rd party on November 3rd.

Alas, no right-minded individual ever accused Trump of being smart. If I were Biden, I’d be embracing the new radical leftist moniker being bestowed upon him. He might lose some conservative votes, but he would more than make up for it on the left. Of course to do that properly, he’d have to make some policy changes.

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