Michael Brooks has passed away at the ripe age of 37. For those not aware of him, Brooks was a prominent leftist YouTube personality and activist. His passing has been attributed to a chronic illness, yet no further details have been released. His death has sent shock-waves through the leftist community. To honor and respect Brooks’ memory, we must understand him and his impact on left-wing politics.

Brooks is best known for working on the Majority Report with Sam Seder. While Seder and Brooks had great chemistry on air, Brooks tended to take conversations in a more radical direction. Sam Seder is mainly a social democrat in his political leanings, while Brooks was an admitted Marxist. Despite this, Brooks was a huge favorite of the show and was loved by his co-hosts even when they disagreed with his takes.

Brooks’ political leanings shinned through when he started the Michael Brooks Show, his personal YouTube channel. Brooks’ socialist politics came out more prominently and he used his platform to discuss these political leanings. His platform has also been used to promote important causes and people within the socialist left.

One of the most prominent people Brooks ever connected with was Lula de Silva, former leftist president of Brazil. Lula had been imprisoned over bogus corruption charges by right-leaning courts. His imprisonment was widely seen on the left as politically motivated. Lula planned to run for president, and polls showed he was the best chance to beat Bolsonaro. Lula was imprisoned that year however, largely due to his electoral threat to Brazil’s right-wing.

While much of the world forgot about Lula, Michael Brooks did not. Brooks used his platform to promote the plight of Lula and the Brazilian left. When Lula was released from prison, Michael Brooks jumped at the opportunity to interview him. Brooks described his experience as a dream come true. He gained the respect of many on the left for tackling these issues when so many had forgotten.

Brooks, of course, had his share of detractors. However, he was good at avoiding a lot of the leftist infighting that tends to permeate the internet. He focused more on building up his own platform rather than trying to tear others down. Brooks was not afraid of rigorous debate, however. It seems, perhaps, Brooks recognized the pointless online squabbles over theory and tactics had not helped build up the left.

Brooks’ passing has hurt us progressives dearly, but the universal praise he has received from the left should give us hope. Even leftist personalities that could not stand each other have set aside their differences to offer their condolences and respect to Brooks. Its tragic that leftist unity had to come about due to someone’s death, but Brooks would probably not disapprove.

We all must grapple with mortality. No matter how young and invincible you think you are, death can always be right around the corner. It truly is the great equalizer. Grief is natural, yet we should use our grief not to forget but to immortalize. Hopefully, Michael Brooks can be given the immortality that he needs.

Rest In Power Michael, you will be dearly missed.

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