Days after Bernie Sanders claimed Joe Biden could be the most progressive president since FDR, all roads continue to lead to just another neo-liberal dead end. Former Republican Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, is now set to speak at the Democratic National Convention next month in support of Biden.

Kasich, along with other moderate Republicans, may be anti-Trump, but they are by no means allies. Kasich himself is extremely anti-union, anti-abortion, and pro-gun. There is literally no political advantage in having Kasich speak at the convention.

Biden doesn’t need to take Ohio. Even if he did, Biden is already going to carry the moderate vote. The handful of non-racist, white Kasich supporters that are still undecided are not worth giving him a free platform. The Democratic tent is too big already.

If John Kasich were ready to turn a new corner and support more liberal/progressive policies, having him on stage at the Democratic Convention wouldn’t be so bad of an idea. That’s not the case, however.

Kasich, and the Lincoln Project types in particular, helped Biden win the Democratic Nomination. Steve Schmidt, John Weaver, and Rick Wilson were on television constantly demonizing Bernie Sanders and telling the American public that Biden was the only one who can beat Trump.

Remember, these are Republicans given lots of airtime to tell society who they want their opposition to be. It was disgraceful, but it worked. John Kasich and company knew they would have to sacrifice their social ideology if they wanted to keep the economic ones intact. Biden, having already told his wealthy donors that nothing would fundamentally change if he were elected, was the perfect choice. Now these Republicans are already being rewarded for their support.

Kasich is a failed Republican presidential candidate who want’s Trump gone. His never Trumper clan do as well, but they are still Republicans at heart. They will not lift a finger or raise a dollar to help Democrats win back the Senate or make gains in the House of Representatives.

And yet, people like John Kasich will be taking valuable speaking time away from up and coming Democratic progressives. Assuming Biden even want’s them to speak in the first place. Back in 2016 prominent progressive and Sanders backer Nina Turner was forbidden to speak.

Lets not forget the level of outrage that occurred when Joe Rogan endorsed Bernie Sanders a few months ago. People got seriously offended by the comedian telling a couple sexist leaning jokes ten or twenty years ago. How could Sanders accept an endorsement from someone like that? Well where is the anger now?

People need to remember, men like Kasich, the Lincoln Project, Mitt Romney and other never trump conservatives are the ones responsible for Trump in the first place. When the Republican Party strayed further and further right, where were they? Where were they when the Tea Party took over? Where were they when Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare fifty-something times? They were right in the driver’s seat.

Cozying up to Republicans, anti-Trump or not, is against party and public interest. It will leave progressives scratching their heads and leave their bodies at home on election day. No one cares if you’re anti-Trump, it’s being anti-Trumpism that matters. It’s about time Democrats learned the difference.


  1. The overriding goal for the Democratic party this year should be defeating president Trump, not to promote up and coming progressives. For the 2nd time in 4 years, the progressive wing is acting like somehow the nomination was stolen from them, this time actually blaming the Lincoln Project and Kasich. While in theory it’s a Democratic party convention, the reality is that this convention belongs to Joe Biden. The Republican convention won’t be giving voice to the moderate wing of its party, but somehow the progressive wing of the Democratic party thinks the convention should be about giving progressive candidates more of a voice. The only thing that really matters this year is defeating Trump. Having a moderate, never-Trumper Republican like John Kasich as a speaker is a stroke of genius.

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