Trump and his Fox News friends love to lie and fear monger. They would have you believe that the country is being taken over by what Trump called “far-left” Fascism. They insist that left-wing violence is rampant across the country and that Antifa should be designated a terrorist organization.

First thing is first. There is no such thing as “far-left” Fascism. Extreme far-left ideology is called Communism, the exact opposite of Fascism. Second, if you did the least bit of research you would realize that left-wing violence in the U.S. is virtually non-existent.

If you’re lost as to where to look, a new database of nearly 900 politically motivated attacks and plots in the United States since 1994 reveals the facts. The most eye-opening of which, if you lean to the right, is that the number of Antifa (anti-fascists) related fatalities over that time stands at just one. And in that instance, the person killed was the perpetrator.

The database in question was compiled by researchers at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a centrist think-tank, and reviewed by the Guardian. The database lists 21 victims killed in left-wing attacks since 2010. There were 117 victims of right-wing attacks in that same period, approximately six times more. Attacks inspired by Muslim jihadist groups, in comparison, killed 95 people since 2010, less than right-wing extremists.

left-wing violence

According to the Guardian, CSIS researchers categorized most deadly “left-wing” attacks as killings of police officers by black men. Many of them were US military veterans, who described acting out of anger or retribution for police killings of black Americans. Not politically motivated per se. More than half of the jihadist inspired attacks between 2010 and 2020 came from a single attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in 2016.

It’s not a stretch to say that right-wing violence, as it always has, stems from a hatred of color, nationality, and sexual orientation. Left-wing violence, however, comes from a rejection or pushback of that hatred. Neither of which is acceptable of course, but it’s the difference between being the bully, and standing up to one.

Despite the facts, White House officials have reiterated the president’s warnings of a violent left-wing revolution. Following the protests over George Floyd’s murder, attorney general, William Barr said “Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent and extremist agenda.” A new justice department task-force on violent anti-government extremism listed Antifa as a major threat and failed to mention white supremacists.

According to Seth Jones, a counter-terrorism expert who led the compilation of CSIS’s data, “Left-wing violence has not been a major terrorism threat.” He went on to say that “the most significant domestic terrorism threat comes from white supremacists, anti-government militias and a handful of individuals associated with the ‘boogaloo’ movement that are attempting to create a civil war in the United States.”

Most people who pay attention were already aware of Mr. Jones’ data findings before they came out. There is just no left-wing equivalent to the Dylann roof’s of the United States. The only real act of left-wing violence that I can remember was at the hands of anti-Trump gunman, James Hodgkinson. He shot up a group of D.C. Republicans at a baseball practice in 2017, but only Hodgkinson was killed.

Researchers who observe extremist groups at the Anti-Defamation League and the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism also said they were unaware of any single murder linked to an American anti-fascist in the last 25 years.

Most left-wing violence is victimless in the sense that it does little physical harm to individuals. Most of the violence that the President and Fox News eludes to for example is the destruction of property and graffiti. Hardly violent crimes, and again, it normally is in response to injustices bestowed upon them or as a form of protest.

So, when you hear President Trump or his supporters use left-wing violence or Antifa as an excuse to call in his secret police, just remember the real threat comes from the other side. The same side that owns all the guns and pretends they’re there to protect democracy while at the same time they suppress it.


  1. Obviously, there is no left-wing political violence. You lose all credibility making that statement. Tell that to the surviving families of the 35 policemen murdered by Black Panthers in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Or maybe too the families of dozens of innocent police officers assassinated by Antifa and BLM members in the last year.

    A federal building was firebombed in Portland by BLM and Antifa protestors. A Trump supporter was murdered for wearing a MAGA hat.

    The list of left-wing violence in the last year is too long to list here.

    The Guardian is plainly a non biased, non-opinionated source for information regarding left-wing violence. They are a propaganda rag owned in fee simple by the DNC, and refuse to cover left-wing extremism..

  2. It’s the blind leading the blind in the comments. Funny how in the name of this site is partyless when you clearly support one side over the other. You are no better than the fox’s no spin zone. You can’t see all the blood on your hands cause you make up articles that radicalize the weak minded. You only hear and see what fits your beliefs. Pathetic.

    • The headline is misleading but the information provided is not. This isn’t new info, its out there if you’ve been paying attentionm something, sadly, trumps cult refuses to do.

    • Well, first off ANTIFA does not self identify as an organization and leftist organizations are somewhat limited and don’t have clear membership or defining characteristics of an “official group” by these think tanks. Therefore, things done stemming from an similar ideology are not counted. However, most on the right are more organized and have membership registers and by laws. Some are legal entities even. So yes technically this would be a factual position. This sounds like a PR firm’s presentation in all reality.

  3. Supporting or defending ANY group which KILLS people, no matter how „low“ the numbers (??!!), is just plain stupid, PERIOD.
    Leave your bubble.

  4. Mike,
    Thank you for responding to my comment. ANTIFA continuously wear and flash the communist flag/colors as well as even voice their support to communism. To say that they are two completely different things is absurd. It’s the very ideology that murdered millions across the world and still oppress the uighur population and Falun Gong. I understand your numbers and I appreciate you providing metrics, but your article is titled “left wing violence in the United States is completely made up.” Your metrics are based on “victims killed” which I agree, is completely terrible. However, The definition of violence is,
    “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” Below are some sources of articles and YouTube videos of confession of “violent” activities by ANTIFA. Sources that show the use of Molotov cocktails and other unconventional weapons against government officials…most of which are minorities. The use of these weapons that intend to harm or kill people. Violence is WRONG no matter what side of the political spectrum but to say that a left wing “violent” group within the United States doesn’t exist is incorrect. I have witnessed first hand in both Portland and Seattle the very hatred and violent tactics that ANTIFA employ in order to harm others of all races. To end, I’ve included a link to a video with a white ANTIFA member calling a man of color (like myself) an “Uncle Tom.” It’s absurd and disgusting. The group that you are trying legitimize and say they are not “violent” people, have hurt many people…especially within the minority community. I respect and appreciate your opinion but these mostly white anarchist are hurting people of color and different ethnicities within the United States.
    I challenge you to read and watch the sources I’ve provided you and ask you…have far left “Violent” activist/ ANTIFA helped my brothers and sisters of color?
    A brown American


    • They are not the same at all. I’m not going to argue with you forever, but antifa people come from all walks of life. They can be any color, speak any language, be capitalists, socialists, or even anarchists, but in the end they’re just anti-fascist. That’s all there is to it. For the record, you referred to them as communists and anarchists at the same time, they can’t be two different ideologies at once

      • @Quiet Mike Who and where are these fascists that Antifa is fighting? I’ve only seen them attack store owners and mainstream conservatives. Are conservatives now cosidered fascists? A lot of conservatives fought and died while trying to stop real fascists in Germany.

  5. I came across your article via Facebook and was intrigued. I am intrigued that someone with really no life experience under communism or have physically seen these violent protest can say that a radical left wing fascist group does not exist. I quote a portion of the definition of fascism “severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” I have seen with my own eyes ANTIFA members attempt to intimidate, harass, and use violence against people of all races who possess differing opinions in an attempt to silence them. They have caused destruction and chaos with no regards to human life in order to take over establishments and disrupt local economies. Additionally, Communism is not a harmless ideology, I’ve spent a large part of my life under communism and some of my friends even fled Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge. You base your articles from internet research/ misinformation from the comfort of Canada and probably haven’t visited the United States to see the protest first hand. You haven’t witnessed how these intolerant, oppressive, violent members are pushing their agenda. Antifa ARE left wing fascist that only want to suppress and commit violence against opposing opinions. I respect that you are entitled to your opinion and that you posses a platform to exercise your freedom of speech. However, for a Canadian to say that the US does not have a radical violent group (ANTIFA) that attacks people of color including myself for our independent opinions is completely ignorant and misinformed. The Khmer Rouge (communist driven) led to the murder, internment, and torture of hundreds of thousands of intellects, workers, and political members because they voiced opposition. How is communism and ANTIFA ideology ok?
    A brown American

    • Communism and Antifa are not the same. Communism is an extreme form of socialist government, antifa is a made up organization of people opposed to fascist rule. Being opposed to fascism does not automatically make you a commie. Most progressives and I have strong socialist values, but do not subscribe to the communist idea. There are some far-left individuals out there who grow tired of the neo-liberal class that has dominated our society for decades, some might even be overly aggressive about it, but they haven’t killed anyone. The numbers don’t lie.

    • V/R, A brown American:

      I am an American, and I agree there are some violent rioters and extremist out there.
      I also know that several supposed Antifa that were arrested turned out to be white supremacist pretending to be Antifa in order to ‘kidnap’ legitimate peaceful protests such as those for George Floyd and BLM.

      I do not question your experience, but I would like to know more specifics, or to have a link to the resource of the event(s) where/when this took place in order to research it further since each time I’ve researched an alleged Antifa action I’ve found it was either an exaggeration of something by a single individual, or someone claiming to be Antifa who wasn’t trying to instigate trouble.

      I totally condemn violence no matter who is doing it, but I also know blaming is part of political fodder so I don’t want to say an Antifa organization doesn’t yet exist without researching this thoroughly. From what I’ve found so far Antifa is an ideology which appears to be endorsed by a few individuals. What I fear is that if the apparent misinformation that it is a nationally organized group is believed that those susceptible to this thinking might actually end up organizing, rather than remaining isolated individuals, which would be equally as unwelcome as the right leaning counterparts such as Neo Nazis, Boogaloo Boys, and other White Supremacist organizations.

      Can you please offer me a starting point to verify one way or the other on this issue so I don’t voice an unwarranted opinion on this issue in future discussions? Thank you.

      An old hippie child

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