On the same day the Biden Campaign picked the establishment’s favorite candidate for Vice President in Kamala Harris, Democrats also announced the speaking lineup for the Democratic National Convention next week. Sure enough, if you lean even a little left, it’s a huge disappointment.

The 2020 Democratic Convention was going to be disappointing anyway. Covid-19 made sure of that. No real audience, no falling confetti or balloons, no Joe Biden for that matter. Biden will be accepting the nomination from Delaware.

Thanks to the pandemic, the four day convention has bee scaled back to two hours each night from 9 p.m. EST to 11 p.m. EST. The convention will see more than thirty speakers take to the stage in prime time, but if you’re a progressive, you can look forward to only two. Three if you include Elizabeth Warren, it’s hard to tell where she stands anymore.

Yes, there is more conservatives giving speeches in one day than there are left-leaning speakers in four. You’ll have Senator Bernie Sanders kicking it off on day one. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on day two and Warren on day three. That’s it, that’s all.

Meanwhile, you’ll have Republican John Kasich sharing the stage with conservative Democrats like Doug Jones & Chris Coons. You’ll have a host of establishment Democrats like Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Cuomo. Lastly, you’ll have the totality of the old establishment guard speaking. John Kerry, both Clintons, both Obamas and of course both Bidens. What are they going to say that they haven’t been saying for the last fifteen to forty years?

The Democratic Party has a growing pack of up and coming, fired up, youthful, progressives they can call upon. From Jamaal Bowman to Cori Bush to the Squad, instead they settle for just one, AOC. They could have reached out to Cornel West, Michael Moore or others outside the political arena as well. But no.

Now, if you’re one of those people who think the United States is a centrist country and the Democratic Party needs to represent that work of fiction, then so be it. But it isn’t reality. No matter how you slice it, at best, those giving speeches that represent the left wing of the party make up only 10% of those speaking. Do you honestly think that 90% of the Democratic Party is at the center or right?

Look at it this way, support for Medicare for All has soared during the pandemic. A crazy 87 percent of those who identify as Democrats now back the measure. 87 percent. How many speakers at the Democratic Convention support Medicare for All? Only Two. Sanders and AOC. It’s pathetic.

There is no one else to speak out about serious climate change policy. No question the most critical issue of a generation. Police reform may get additional mentions along with America’s problems with systemic racism, but there is no one else on that speaking list with any meaningful way forward.

Democrats have seen fit to give each speaking day a theme. Monday starts off with “We the People,” Tuesday “Leadership Matters,” Wednesday “A More Perfect Union,” and finally Thursday “America’s Promise.” Aside from leadership matters, anyone on the left would find the others laughable. Democrats haven’t cared about people or unity for decades, not even in their own party. America’s promise, I imagine they mean potential, is just another platitude seeing as how we never live up to the least of it.

The main goal of the Democratic National Convention is to get the masses fired up to vote, but it rarely happens to the extent they would like. More than 40% of the electorate stay home after all. It’s not going to change this year.

People who intend to vote for Biden are already fired up, if only to get rid of Donald Trump. Progressives and independents who remain on the fence will not be moved by what they witness at the convention. They will see what they always see. A coronation of a corporate backed, establishment leader surrounded by his loyal subjects.


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