While the Democrats entertain their brethren with a snoozefest of an online convention, their opponents have started to announce who will be speaking at the Republican National Convention next week. Low and behold, they signed up that crazy St Louis couple as well as the infamous Covington Kid. Trump and his Republican comrades may be racist, they may be xenophobic, greedy, and even hostile to democracy, but they sure as hell aren’t boring.

I’m sure you all remember that St Louis couple, Patricia, and Mark McCloskey? It wasn’t that long ago. They braved the wild suburban wilderness of their front porch in their gated community to aim guns at marching Black Lives Matter protesters. The malcontents in question were on route to the mayor’s house. The couple said they feared for their safety.

Mark, armed with an assault style firearm and his wife Patricia, with a pistol, have since been charged with unlawful use of a weapon. All the more reason for Republicans to let them speak on a national stage.

It is not yet known if the St Louis couple intends to speak out on behalf of their right to aim guns at innocent protesters or simply their right to be racist pricks in public. Either way it should make for an interesting speech and it should resonate well with Trump’s idiot-ology.

Also speaking at the Republican Convention will be the Covington Kid. It’s been a while so you may have forgotten who he is by now. Nicholas Sandmann was the MAGA hat wearing teenager who was filmed staring down Native American activist Nathan Phillips. The media was quick to label Sandmann as a hate filled juvenile.

Nicholas Sandmann A.K.A. The Covington Kid

Sandmann and his Covington Catholic High School classmates were attending the annual March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. when a group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites provoked the high-school students. An extended video showed Nathan and his classmates were only guilty of being Trump supporters. Now Sandmann, having won several defamation lawsuits against the media, will no doubt speak at the convention in order to back up Trump’s fake news narrative.

The official list of speakers has yet to be revealed, but judging by this little preview, it’s looking like a circus sideshow for the ages. It’s pretty clear that the Trump Campaign won’t be reaching out to anyone who isn’t already on board.

Trump is reported to be speaking every night. With his new friends from St. Louis, Covington and elsewhere, He’ll spin the same tale he’s been twisting for years. The news is fake, he’s the best there is and ever was, and racists are people too.

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