Jacob Blake, a black man, was shot in the back as he was walking away from the police, with no weapon in hand or any kind of physical aggression that might have justified his shooting. Although Blake survived the shooting, he will likely be paralyzed for life, and his six children will suffer the consequences because a police officer was more than willing to pull the trigger. 

Justifiably, protests broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin demanding justice for this latest victim of police violence. Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17 year old right-wing militiaman with police sympathies, decided to drive from his home in the neighboring state of Illinois, in order to join other militiamen watching over the protests. In the end, Rittenhouse shot three protesters, killing two and injuring one. 

A video of Rittenhouse shooting at Black Lives Matter protesters has been widely circulated on social media. You can clearly see the moment in which one of the protesters is killed and lays unresponsive on the floor. Rittenhouse then walks up to the police with his hands up, his firearm hung around his shoulder and walks right by them.

At no point in the video do the officers ever pull out a weapon on Rittenhouse, or speak to him in a threatening manner. Despite the fact that protesters are warning the police that he just shot at people and is carrying a firearm, Rittenhouse still manages to walk past the police and go home to Illinois. He is not taken into police custody until the very next day.

Rittenhouse, like every other armed militia member that tries to intimidate social justice protesters, should be considered an extremely dangerous individual. Any person who is walking around with assault style rifles and protective gear is clearly ready to engage in violence. Yet, as a white man Rittenhouse was a lesser threat to law enforcement than a person of color walking back to his children.

If Kyle Rittenhouse had been black, he would probably be dead. 

Danquirs Franklin was an African American man who was shot by police after he followed an officer’s order to drop his weapon. Tamir Rice was a 12 year old boy who was shot for playing with a toy gun. Philando Castile informed a police officer that he had a legal license to carry a firearm, and was then shot multiple times reaching for his wallet.

None of these individuals posed a direct threat to the well being of the officers or the general public. The biggest threat these individuals presented to the police was the color of their skin.

White privilege in American means that it is far safer to be a militiaman with a gun who is ready to kill than a boy with a toy gun. Even when militias put the well being of law enforcement in danger, the police are more willing to come down harder on protesters demanding racial justice than white militias which threaten “law and order” that right wingers claim to love so much.

During the height of America’s crisis with Covid 19, white anti-lock down protesters were mostly left alone by the state and federal government, even when armed militias stormed the Michigan state capitol and tried to intimidate state lawmakers. Yet when people protested the killing of George Floyd, they were met with tear gassing and other forms of physical violence from the police and federal law enforcement. 

Although Kyle Rittenhouse has been charged for the murder and injury to the three people he shot, he would have been treated much worse by law enforcement if he had been a person of color.

In America, white lives matter more than black lives. The same as it’s always been.


  1. Thanks for once again proving that any news “reporting” that mentions being “bipartisan”, “partyless”, “independent”, etc. ALWAYS tends to lean left, especially far left nowadays.

  2. you call militias bad you call white people in general bad, you’re just trying to get people to spread hate for your money and your on fame and more gain, you don’t care about white people or the police or black people you don’t care about nothing but getting an extra fucking right and an extra buck because you’re not happy with the way you’re doing in life, calling all cops racist is like calling the entire world racist, racism ended 500 years ago, there is no more oppression live your life and go have a fucking drink and sit down and think about a better way to make money accept fucking abolishing white people, i have a black friend who’s a really dear friend at heart to me, and it’s a shame you people try to split cultures from talking to each other by spreading lies, it’s a shame you can’t get a long, because as a white person i love to get along with other people no matter their nationality or race or color, skin tone, looks, height deformations, and formations. as a white person i can confirm i am no racist bigot. i’m just a man who would like to fucking talk to other cultures, because you wanna talk about i can’t breath, i can’t fucking breath due to the pressure you’re fucking causing between these people, stop trying to split ethnics apart so we can’t talk to each other anymore, you’re a violent hate train filled with lies and propaganda. i love each race i love each fucking part, instead of focusing on abolishing white people, if you think black people don’t get enough rights then why are you trying to remove the white people out of the picture first, how about if you did care you’d do the following things, help family’s with extra welfare, support black people in there lively hoods, do fundraisers for mainly black neighborhoods that are poor so you can support their living culture and remove black on black crime by removing street violence and adding more ways for these people and easier jobs near their area that provides a decent pay, but no you’re not gonna do that you’re not gonna support anyone you’re not gonna help anybody, you’re just hate get the fuck off the internet if you believe these people and rethink your life choices.

  3. you’re fucking retarded, kyle shot in via defense, he never did anything wrong, most of the fact the only reason why you people believe these lies is because you’re shifted by the media, news flash fucker they lie, kyle rittenhouse was a blue lives matter supporter and never committed actual murder, he was there on a mission to support local businesses around the area, he openly talked to others, how can you call this man a white scum when you can’t even hear your own knowledge, he shot a rioter not a protestor there is a difference between a man who protest and a man who causes violence you marxist pigs don’t know anything about reality, kyle ritten house shot the man who raised his hands he had a glock and admitted to the police after the event that he shouldn’t of held back and raised his hand up and he should of shot the kid, you fucking people disgust me, normally how can you even live with yourself you just go on top of the media saying shit you don’t even know about because you think what you do is believed right, if you support black people and protest at blm you don’t support blacks at all, all you’re doing is casting glass against the walls throwing molotovs and getting your pussy’s dripped over none sense, guess what people republicans were the ones that passed the bill for removing jim crow rights. AND GUESS WHO MADE JIM CROW, jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States. These laws were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern Democrat (Wikipedia.). left is wrong and left will stay wrong and left will keep being wrong, black lives don’t matter, because they already have mattered to us republicans, unlike you fucking democrats and far left extreme radical violent people who destroy stores and loot black owned stores, but ok yeah @there is only one difference between militias and the police. sure buddy keep fucking talking and see where this gets you in life, i wish someone would of dropped you on your head so you would of been one less fucking failed gene in the pool of life. you useless cum drop.

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