President Trump has always had a knack for going where he isn’t welcome. Over the last three and a half years that list has grown to include most American cities and foreign countries. There isn’t a lot of love out there for the man and Kenosha, Wisconsin is certainly no exception.

Hot on the heels of his fear inducing Republican National Convention, Trump has decided to visit Kenosha after Jacob Blake was shot by a police officer seven time in the back and a 17-year-old Trump fan shot three Black Lives Matter protesters, killing two.

If the Blake shooting and it’s aftermath had occurred in a mainly blue state like New York or California, Trump wouldn’t pay any mind. There is no political benefit to him going there. He would ignore the shooting as if it were a cluster of deadly wildfires. A town in Wisconsin though? A swing State. Count him in!

Normally, a president visiting the scene of a tragedy is welcomed by local government officials as a way to heal the community. The problem here is that President Trump doesn’t have the power to heal, just divide further.

On Sunday, White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere said “the White House has been humbled by the outreach of individuals from Kenosha who have welcomed the President’s visit and are longing for leadership to support local law enforcement and businesses that have been vandalized.”

If you were under the illusion that Trump’s presence was going to bring the city of Kenosha together, that statement should refute those beliefs. There is more than one side to these tensions and Trump can easily be seen as gas-lighting one of them.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers understood the ramifications of Trump’s visit even before Deere’s statement and sent the White House a letter imploring the president to reconsider his trip to Kenosha. The letter stated that his presence would only serve to “hinder our healing.”

“It is our job as elected officials to lead by example and to be a calming presence for the people we know are hurting, mourning, and trying to cope with trauma,” Evers continued. “Now is not the time for divisiveness. Now is not the time for elected officials to ignore armed militants and out-of-state instigators who want to contribute to our anguish.”

The Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes also wanted Trump to stay away. She went on CNN and stated, “You look at the incendiary remarks that the President has made, they centered an entire convention around creating more animosity and creating more division around what is going on in Kenosha.”

It’s plain to see what the President’s intentions are. He is running his 2020 campaign on law and order to get back the white suburban vote. In doing so however, he will further alienate and denigrate the black community while at the same time fueling the fire for further violence against them.

Trump’s arrival in Kenosha tomorrow will come just days after Rittenhouse murdered two protesters. I have no doubt, that after Trump speaks, the trend will not only continue, but grow.

Cops and Trump supporters incite or escalate the violence, then the President points the finger at the BLM protesters and calls them violent radical looters. All for those closeted racist suburban moms to see. Not sure if the plan will work, but America is damned if it does.

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