With the election around the corner, I thought it would be important to list the important promises Trump has broken since taking office. A little something the average American can share with their MAGA friends, assuming they still have any,

The amount of promises Trump has broken doesn’t come close to the amount of lies he’s spoken, but there is certainly far more than the average president. Remember, Trump has only passed one meaningful piece of legislation; his two trillion-dollar tax cut. If that is his only so-called success, then you know the list of broken promises will be long. In fact, most of the promises he’s kept, involved unilaterally withdrawing from international agreements.

To keep the list shorter, some obvious promises you’ll remember, like Mexico paying for the wall, will not be included. The list will be comprised of only the promises with a relative chance of being fulfilled. For Trump, that reduces the list considerably.

He would hire only the best people. Actually, he’s fired a record amount of his own cabinet members. Six of them have been charged with crimes.

He would drain the swamp. One of his more infamous promises. He’s brought in more Billionaires, SEOs and Wall Street moguls than any administration in American history. He’s also filled national departments and agencies with former lobbyists, consultants and lawyers who are crafting policies for same industries they used to work for.

Trump promised to erase the national deficit. In fact, the federal deficit has risen by 60%, before the pandemic hit.

He would repeal the ACA and replace it with something “beautiful.” Although seven million more Americans are uninsured, the Affordable Care Act, despite his best efforts never got repealed. There is still no plan to replace it.

He would cut your taxes and the rich would pay more. This one is plain laughable as the opposite is what happened. By the end of 2027, the richest 1% will have received 83% of the benefits. The richest 0.1% will have received 60% of the tax cuts.

Trump promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves. An age-old GOP lie, the tax cut will add $2 trillion to the national deficit.

Promised to bring down prescription drug prices. Drug prices have in fact continued to soar even further.

He promised to bring peace to the Middle East. His plan was dead before it got off the ground. Taking one side in a conflict that has lasted for decades is not a plan and leaves less room for peace.

He promised to end DACA. The Supreme Court ruled that his plan to deport 700,000 young immigrants was unconstitutional. DACA still stands as a result.

Trump promised six weeks of paid maternity leave. That has yet to happen.

He said he would distance himself from his business. He continues to make money from his properties and maintains his real estate empire.

He would force companies to keep Jobs in the U.S. Jobs, particularly in the automotive industry continue to leave the United States. Many companies continue to outsource jobs while benefiting from massive tax breaks. Even offshoring by federal contractors have increased.

Trump promised to negotiate a better nuclear deal with Iran. To this day, no negotiations are forthcoming, and Trump brought the U.S. to the brink of war.

He would negotiate a better environmental deal. After he dropped America from the Paris Climate Accords, he hasn’t attempted to negotiate anything that would benefit the environment.

Won’t have time to play golf. Right, he’s made more than 250 visits to his golf clubs since taking office, more than any other President. It has cost taxpayers $134 million. Since the pandemic hit, he has golfed more times than he’s had meetings with Dr. Fauci.

Covid-19 would go away without a vaccine. While most countries have gotten the pandemic under control since these words were spoken, the United States has had over six million infections and is closing in on 200,000 deaths.

Anyone who wants a test for Covid will get one. Many Americans still can’t get tested months after the pandemic hit, especially if you’re asymptomatic.

Hydroxchloroquine protects against the coronavirus. It Doesn’t. The FDA revoked its emergency authorization due to the drug’s potentially lethal side affects.

He said he would be the voice of the common people. Except he’s made his rich friends richer, increased the political power of corporations and done extraordinarily little to improve the lives of the poor and middle class.

There are, of course, far more promises Trump has broken over his short, but seemingly long term in office. However, this list contains all the important items that helped him get elected to office in the first place, and then some. Tell your MAGA friends not to be fooled again.


  1. Thank you!
    These would have more impact if accompanied with a reference and date. His cult always retort with “he never said that!” ie. his suggestion to drink disinfectant.

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