I’ve said this before, but it seems like every Democrat who runs as a centrist for the presidency, Gore, Kerry, Clinton and now Biden, go out of their way to lose. If you live in Michigan, a pivotal swing state, and are not a full-blown know-nothing MAGA Republican, you should be mad as hell that Biden has accepted and advertised an endorsement from Michigan’s former Republican Governor, Rick Snyder.

If Trump is the worst among us, then Rick Snyder is a close second. By far the worst governor the United States has seen during my lifetime. Why Biden’s circle thinks this might be a good campaign move defies comprehension.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Snyder, as Governor, purposefully poisoned the people of Flint by switching their water supply over to the toxic Flint River. The switch was a foolish attempt to save money. Instead it wound up causing permanent brain damage in 10,000 children and countless others died from Legionnaires Disease and other ailments. Mr. Snyder covered up the crises for months, if not years.

Biden Endorsement from Rick Snyder

This is the man the Biden Campaign has seen fit to embrace in an attempt to win back the State of Michigan. Although Obama’s response to the crises didn’t help, Clinton lost the state by ignoring it completely in late 2016. Now Biden is stabbing them in the back again and hoping to win them over?

On a Facebook post, Michael Moore, a former Flint resident, summed it up perfectly. “So, apparently the Biden campaign thought getting a few more White racist redneck votes in Michigan was THAT important, it was worth slapping Black Flint across the face and depressing the vote in Flint, in a crucial swing state.” He said, “That it was better to embrace the mass-poisoning Republican ex-Governor than concern yourselves with how the Black citizens of Flint might respond. The insanity of this move is staggering.”

He’s right, if the Biden Campaign thinks he’s going to pick up conservative votes in the swing state, that might be true, but the consequences of the left not showing up to vote again will be devastating. And why should they? No one is going to vote for a man who proudly advertised his endorsement from another who poisoned their entire community. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House.

As a political analyst, it boggles the mind. This is Trump level stupidity. In a just society, Snyder would be in prison. Why would anyone take Biden seriously when he calls out the violence of Trump supporters, or worse yet, the virtually non-extent violence on the left or the BLM movement?

Michael Moore tried and failed to make sense of the hypocrisy. “In a week when Joe Biden thought it necessary to denounce ‘the radical left’ and ‘socialists’ for a few random acts of property violence (while the 99% — millions upon millions — have protested peacefully), and then two days later he welcomes the support of an ex-Governor of Michigan who committed an act of mass violence against the people of a majority Black city — and so far has gotten away with it — this just blows the mind. And sends an awful and cruel message.”

Moore also asked, Melissa Mays, a local Flint activist on his podcast how Biden could make things right. Her demands were pretty straight forward. One, for Biden to immediately renounce the endorsement by Snyder & apologize for initially accepting it. Two, promise as President to provide free health care for Flint. Three, replace all poisoned pipes & plumbing in Flint.

Moore, along with many on the left will likely vote for Biden despite his right-wing pandering. Outside Michigan they’ll vote for him despite touting the endorsement of Rick Snyder, which tells Michiganders that their votes are more important than their lives.

It’s an indictment of how bad Trump is, but if Biden want’s to be smart, he’ll need to stop alienating his voting base. If he continues to show a lack of empathy for Flint or contempt for the younger generation, he’ll be following in Hillary’s footsteps.

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