Michele Bachmann went full lunatic the other day by suggesting that Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrators will force Joe Biden to start a communist revolution in the U.S. Bachman referred to the would-be revolutionaries as “Transgender Black Marxists.”

It boggles the mind that this fear mongering, batshit, crazy lady is a former congresswoman, but then it does explain how a guy like Trump can come along and win. Though, not even Trump has used transgender black Marxists in the same sentence to my knowledge.

The Republican Minnesotan appeared on “The Victory Channel” of televangelist Kenneth Copeland. She claimed street protesters and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden intended to destroy the American economy and impose a worldwide communist government. Right.

“Antifa is, if you go to their website, their materials, they are directly traceable to the Communist Party because their goal is the overthrow of the United States government and to bring communism into America,” said Bachmann. “Just like Black Lives Matter, this is not a new movement, either. On their website, these are transgender Marxists, transgender Black Marxists who are seeking the overthrow of the United States and the dissolution of the traditional family.”

I have to say, as far as fear mongering goes, Michele Bachmann wins the triple crown. She managed to place conservative fear of black people, socialists, and the LGBT community into the same sentence. That takes talent.

The nonsense carried on further. “This is exactly what a communist revolution looks like. They think they’re going to do it by electing Joe Biden and then once Joe Biden is elected, they think that these Davos, Switzerland, meetings that go on, they think that what they’re going to do is have the United States’ economy collapse, move to a digital currency globally, and then we move into a global-type government. I mean, it’s bizarre, but this is their goal.”

As ridiculous as that sounds, you have to understand that her way of thinking comes straight from the apocalyptic Christian Bible. “For people who know their Bible, this is exactly what the prophets told us,” Bachmann rambled on. “So, we stand on the word of God, the Bible, and we say, ‘Satan, flee, we’re going to stand on the truth of God,’ and so that’s why now more than ever, between now and the election, what we need to do is pray and cry out to Almighty God and ask for his protection over America and to speak in this election.”

If Bachmann had actually been listening to this god of hers, she’d realize her deity had been speaking out all year through wildfires, hurricanes, and a deadly pandemic. Amazing how these right-wing lunatics are quiet on the real threats but spare no crazy when it comes to keeping a conservative Democrat from beating Trump. But I digress.

Michele Bachmann is just stupid enough to actually believe this stuff, but her fear mongering is clearly meant to whip up the evangelical base before November. Nothing strikes fear into their hearts more than gays, socialists, and black people.

So be aware all you religious conservatives in America, transgender black Marxists are coming for ya. And when they find you, it’s over. They’ll ask you to accept them, they’ll ask for social justice, they might even ask for universal healthcare. The nerve of some people.


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