To no one’s surprise, not a soul is being charged for gunning down 26-year-old paramedic Breonna Taylor. Instead, the only charge being laid are against one officer for firing bullets into the homes of the Taylor’s neighbors during the raid.

The officers in question lied about not wearing body cameras, lied about the time the raid took place and used false information to secure the no-knock warrant that led to Breonna getting shot eight times. The whole case stunk to begin with, but now they’ve clearly added insult to it all.

A couple members of the progressive squad, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Ilhan Omar described the ruling as another manifestation of a legal system in which property is considered “more valuable than human life.”

Tlaib said in a tweet, “Did I hear that correctly? Only one officer is being held remotely accountable, and it’s not for killing Breonna Taylor but instead for shooting apartments? It’s never been clearer this country considers property more valuable than human life.”

While Omar echoed her colleague saying, “Once again, the law says that property is more valuable than Black life. We cannot let up in our fight for justice for Breonna Taylor and every Black and brown person murdered at the hands of police. We will fight to end qualified immunity.”

The outrage pouring in now that Taylor’s killers are free to go back to their lives is obviously understandable. The truth of the matter is multiple systems failed Breonna Taylor. Not bringing charges against the officers involved is just the latest one.

In a land where gun ownership is considered a right, it’s hard to imagine any situation where three plain clothed officers, executing a no-knock warrant, beat down a door and rush in with guns drawn doesn’t end up in tragedy.

Any man or woman who takes pride in defending their home would have reacted as Kenneth Walker III, a licenced gun owner, had. Still, he survived, his girlfriend Breonna Taylor, who was sleeping as the warrant was executed, did not. Apparently, the Castle Doctrine only applies if you’re white.

it’s not a surprise to see Taylor not get the justice she deserved. Thanks to the never-ending War on Drugs; the police, the equipment they acquire, the lies they wield, and the deadly procedures they follow, these situations will continue to transpire.

It’s impossible for any right-minded fellow to look at Breonna Taylor’s case and believe justice was served. How is it possible, in a country that supposedly holds freedom and justice above all else, that a man would be charged for shooting a wall and not the woman he murdered? His only crime was that he missed…

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