Citizens of United States have a history of not accepting the results of federal elections. It isn’t just Republicans, nor is it just Democrats. There are legitimate reasons for Americans not to accept an election loss, cheating isn’t unheard of, but over the last twenty years, both parties have been making up excuses as well.

I’ve written before about both Nixon and Reagan being able to steal their elections in 68’ and 80’ respectively. The same could be said about the 2000 election, though that one wasn’t pre-planned. It could be said that no Republican has won an election honestly since Eisenhower.

With all that political dishonesty and cheating, it should come as little surprise then, that Americans don’t trust the democracy they’re so fond of. Since the Supreme Court of the United States elected George W. Bush in 2000, American elections have become a bit more of a circus and a ratings bonanza.

It is true that Gore was cheated out of winning a close election, but he still lost to a bumbling idiot. It shouldn’t have been close. Gore, along side his fascist wife at the time Tipper, ran a lousy center-right campaign with Republican wannabe running mate Joe Lieberman. The two main parties pitted two conservatives against each other, and the more conservative man went to the White House.

In the 2000 election’s aftermath, and years that have followed, Democrats have held Green Party candidate Ralph Nader more responsible for Gore’s election loss than Bush or Gore himself. They could not accept the fact they put up a lousy candidate. The same scenario would unfold in 2004 in a less contested election. Despite Nader receiving the bulk of the blame, in Democrats eyes, Bush was not their President.

When Democrats finally found a candidate in Barack Obama who knew how to campaign on the left, they won with flying colors. Fair and square, unless you had a problem with the United States having a black president.

Enter the age of conspiracy theories, birtherism and Donald Trump. The Black Muslim from Kenya was not a legitimate President and Republicans treated him as such, despite governing as a centrist. In Republican eyes, Obama was not their President.

The 2016 election was essentially a redux of the 2000 election. The names were different, but it was essentially the same. There were no hanging chads this time, but there were a few Russian trolls on Facebook. You could also blame Comey, Wikileaks and Jill Stein, but not Clinton who didn’t bother to campaign in the swing states she lost. Again, in Democrats eyes, Trump was not their President.

Now, in 2020, things are much the same, only amplified by Trump who has been openly trying to cheat for the last year and a half. He was even impeached for trying, well before the Democrats had a nominee.

Trump has been hyping up the prospects of voter fraud with mail-in ballots, a fabrication that holds no weight. Trump is even on record, multiple times, saying that the only way he can lose is if the election is rigged. His cult following has eaten it up to the point where 43 percent of Trump Supporters won’t accept an election loss.

On the other side of the coin, Biden has held such a significant lead over Trump for much of the campaign that Democrats are even less likely to accept a Trump victory. 63 percent of Biden supports believe that if their man loses, it’s due to voter suppression or foreign interference.

I guess it’s not surprising that a new survey suggests that only 29 percent, less than one third of Americans, believe the November 3rd election will be conducted in an open and honest way. 61 percent of democrats were concerned about honesty and openness, while 45 percent of Republicans felt the same

It feels like we’ve come to accept gerrymandering, tampering with voter rolls, the endless supply of corporate influence, etc. Meanwhile this year, we’ve taken it a step further. Republicans are suppressing the Democratic vote, while Democrats are suppressing the Green vote. And we wonder why 40 percent of Americans don’t vote at all. I have to wonder how a democracy can hope to survive with so little trust in its most fundamental foundation.

Now it seems those foundations are under threat like never before. If you want to know why, you could point your finger at the reality show host in the White House. But if we were to be honest, we would need to look in the mirror and realize that everyone is to blame for how it went this far.

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