When chaos arises, people have a tendency to rush to judgement without thinking things through. The media on the other hand has a way of thinking for the rest of us so we don’t have to. Either way, we end up with the wrong conclusions. Case in point, following Tuesdays “worst debate ever,” Progressives and liberals alike were demanding debate moderators be allowed to cut the mics of the candidates at the next debate.

The move would be a bad idea on different levels. You may see President Trump out there complaining about the potential change, but he’s too stupid to realize that cutting the mics could potentially benefit him the most.

First off, yes, cutting the mics would absolutely give a helping hand to moderators trying to reign in Donald Trump. However, the flip side would be the possibility that the mics are not cut fairly for either faction. Why give Trump the ability to complain, legitimately or otherwise, that the debate is rigged?

Secondly, lets look at the results. Six out of ten debate watchers declared Biden the winner. 60 percent to 28 percent to be exact. Despite the overwhelming numbers, it could be argued that Biden was certainly not at his best. He wasn’t nearly as coherent and energetic as he was against Bernie Sanders in the primary for example. Either way, Biden prevailed handily against Trump’s train wreck.

Picture the same scenario now, but with Chris Wallace in possession of a kill switch for the mics. You have a vastly different debate, one that Biden, who was not on his game, may or may not have struggled through.

In that same scenario, does Trump tell the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by?” Does he embarrass himself in front of undecided voters without the ability to shout over Biden and Wallace? Knowing him, maybe, but certainly not to that extreme.

The free for all format, while ugly, allowed those undecided voters to see the candidates for who they are. We didn’t learn much in terms of policy, where both candidates are deficient, but we did learn a great deal on how Trump plans to run his campaign. That in the end, is the point.

This may be of lessor importance but cutting the mics could change standards across the political spectrum. If people accept it in presidential debates, it could feasibly trickle on down to Congress. imagine an important debate in the Senate where one party continuously has their microphone silenced. Or how about the leader of either party silencing their own members?

At any rate, it looks like the ability for future moderators to cut the mics may be on tap for the next debate. I guarantee if that happens, the debate will have an entirely different feel. It will be easier to follow to be sure, but the end result, particularly if you’re a Biden supporter, might be harder to swallow.

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