In 2020, we face the very real threat of Fascism and the possibly of a second civil war. But despite this reality, Liberals think that by voting in Democrats, all will be well and normal. And by normal, they mean “repressed enough to ignore comfortably.” Did everyone forget the 90s?

In the decade of grunge and Clinton, between the public mismanagement of the Waco Siege that resulted in nearly 100 dead, a quarter of which were children, the botched Ruby Ridge standoff, and Oklahoma City being bombed by two veterans of the Gulf War, there was a very real worry that we were staring down the specter of the US government and its own citizens having an all-out war.

Along with this fear was the idea that our law enforcement apparatus was wildly incompetent, with the aforementioned stand-offs along with shameful failures like the malignment of Richard Jewell doing his job of protecting people from a bomb during the Olympics, only to be accused of being the bomber by the FBI & subsequently cleared.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme” – Mark Twain

So the question gets raised once again: Why do Liberals think voting in Democrats will fix this issue? Well, to be fair, a democrat was in office when all these years of turmoil occurred. Clinton had no issue showing no quarter to these organizations, and thus the threat more or less went away.

But voting in Democrats did not solve the very issues they caused: The HMO debacle, the “Gun Show Loophole” wasn’t closed, NAFTA led to huge swaths of America being de-industrialized, Welfare Reform left many people worse off economically, they’ve privatized entire school districts, they later bailed out Wall Street and the big banks and gave a big middle finger to the rest of us. They are also anti-medicare for all as they know many of their high-level donors are pharmaceutical companies. I could go on.

The moral coding of the democratic party has literally been written by capitalism, with all arguments against right-wing bigotry sounding less like arguments against an ideology that could lead to huge swaths of humanity being wiped off the earth, and more and more like Corporate HR talking points that are written to avoid getting sued, and this is where the major problem lies.

“Peace Sells, But whos buying?”

They don’t seem to get that you can’t vote out Fascism. Part of the reason is the decades of next to no accountability held on law enforcement, the very people they rely on for protection, for their misconduct has led to a nationwide “We own the night” mentality among them.

Police are openly allowing fascists to openly brandish weapons and even assault non-violent protesters, but they are also black-bagging protesters for simply assembling and voicing their disapproval of their actions. Many of these protesters are citizens that Democrats expect to vote for them, but also want protection from the people arresting them.

When it comes to electoral politics, the sad reality is that the Republican party has far more ideological cohesion than the Democrats, And this is why the Democrats have been scrambling in every which direction. The tent is just too big.

So, what can be done to end fascism? If you don’t count any fascist revolt that was backed by the CIA, the biggest cause for the rise of such fascist figures is when the state no longer can take care of the most basic needs of its citizens. Rather than try and fix them, it goes out of its way to repress any public discontent towards such conditions.

So, either the government itself becomes incredibly authoritarian in its treatment of its citizens, or worse, a truly bigoted autocrat takes power and begins what I can only describe as the modern-day version of Francoist Spain.

So what can be done tangibly? well, for one, start taxing companies what they’re due. The idea that we’d be punishing “job creators” falls apart in the face of huge unemployment numbers and record profits, and frankly if they want less class conflict and eventual revolution, they’ll need to deal with the bigger issue at hand: the fact people can’t pay their bills.

Stop privatizing schools. Stop letting school tuitions (for state schools) price out most Americans, and bring back trade schools. De-privatize healthcare and for the love of god stop passing along the tired Shapiro talking point that by making fields like medicine state run, we’ll kill interest in people joining the work force. Maybe the fact that we’ve been conditioned to view a jobs’ worth by how much money it makes is why we have such a shortage of skilled labor.

The reason finances play into what create the groundwork for fascism (and why Liberals view populism as a one-way road to fascism) is that Weimar Republic-era Germany wound up leading to the Nazis rise to power because the great depression ruined even THEIR economy, and allowed the only guy willing to speak to their actual issues to take power.

Trump isn’t Hitler. Hitlers’ rise to power would be more akin to Dan Crenshaw or Tom Cotton taking power via the means we fear trump will take. We stare down the potential of such a reality every day as we refuse to address government overreach of our civil liberties or the fact that the police have become a militarized militia that seems to hire insanely violent individuals as officers.

If nothing is done, if we keep paying lip service to a problems that require actions, if Liberals still think they can shame and cancel away fascists simply by voting in Democrats,  we’ll end up back here in four years with a another fascist in power. Only this time, they might have a few more brain cells.Voting in Democrats fascism

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