During this election cycle, few groups spent more money and attacked the Trump Administration more viciously than the never Trump Republicans that make up the Lincoln Project. The ads they produced were so brutal that progressives, myself included, criticized Democrats for not going after the President the same way.

The Lincoln Project is made up of so-called moderate Republicans like political strategist Steve Schmidt, Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway, and Rick Wilson, among others. Their primary goal was to put an end to Trumpism and turn Trump supporters into Democrats. In both regards, they failed miserably.

Schmidt and his crew spent countless tens of millions of dollars trying to persuade Trump supporters that he was the manifestation of all that is wrong with America and that you should vote for Biden instead. A more classic conservative if you look at his record.

Well, Biden did get elected, but no thanks to the Lincoln Project. If the 2020 election proved anything, it was that Trumpism is alive and stronger than ever despite the loss. Millions more Americans voted for Trump this time around. A higher percentage of Republicans voted for him in fact.

In hindsight, it would have been better for Democrats if the Lincoln Project had never happened. Despite its failures, those within the Project got exactly what they secretly wanted. A Biden victory accompanied by a Democratic loss.

The millions of dollars that the Lincoln Project spent was donated in large part by liberals and progressives with the hope that Republicans would flip to Democrats. As we mentioned, that didn’t happen. Worse still, the Lincoln Project wasted more money in that effort than the whole Democratic Party would spend on races for state legislatures. Imagine if that money had been better spent on tight House and Senate races, not to mention governorships.

The fact is, like all true Republicans, the Lincoln Project was looking after themselves. This was a huge victory for them as far as business goes, and that’s what it is, a business. Countless consultants became millionaires over night in a losing effort to flip Republicans. It’s not like they’ll ever be held accountable.

Democrats are sending Joe Biden to the White House after eking out a victory over Donald Trump. However, Democrats lost just about everywhere else. They lost representatives in the House, the senate is still in doubt and they lost in state legislatures where redistricting is set to take place for the next ten years.

The Republicans of the Lincoln Project will be able to sleep easy knowing that Biden is in, the Trump tax cuts are safe thanks to the Republican hold on the Senate, and their consultants made a shitload of money.

Meanwhile, how does the average American benefit from the efforts of the Lincoln Project? They don’t. Their main goal might have failed epically, but they themselves were quite successful. You can be sure that they’ll be back in 2022 and 2024. Next time, liberals, save your money.


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