If you were to listen to the media or Democratic Party, they would have you believe that Joe Biden won the presidency thanks to the minority vote. While it is true that more African Americans, Latin Americans, and other minorities voted for Biden over Trump, the President-Elect, in fact, underperformed with every single racial demographic but one. White male voters.

Indeed, lame duck Donald performed the worst among his old bread and butter base. White, non-college uneducated men. Trump actually lost ground on white men regardless of education. On the flip side, however, he performed better with everyone one else.

Joe Biden lost ground, compared to Hillary with Latinas (5 points), Latinos (8 points), Black men (9 points), and Black women (9 points). White women were virtually unchanged, but Biden improved on Hillary with white men by 8 points. Perhaps enough to put him over the top.

Chalk it up to sexism. Chalk it up to Biden trying to zone in and grab some of Trump’s base. Maybe it was Trump not coming through on certain election promises or handling the Covid-19 pandemic, who knows. The one thing beyond a doubt is that Biden would not have won without gaining those working-class white dudes.

That’s not to say Blacks and Latin Americans weren’t important. African Americans, particularly in Detroit, Philadelphia and Georgia were instrumental in winning those States for Joe Biden. Without them, Trump would not have been fired.

It’s also important to mention, that while Biden underperformed with virtually everyone other than white male voters, Sleepy Joe still won the support of 87% of blacks and 65% of Latinos/Latinas. He just didn’t do it as well as Hillary.

I mention these exit polls for two reasons. First, because the media doesn’t talk about it much. It seems to go against their narrative that Biden, above all else, was the guy who could win over minorities. It may have worked in the primaries in South Carolina, but it didn’t hold as true in the General Election.

Second, I think it speaks to Joe Biden’s character. He’s had a history of throwing minorities under the bus. From opposing the use of federally mandated busing to racially integrate schools in the 70’s, to record deportation rates of Latin immigrants when he was Vice President.

Couple those policies with other items like the 1994 Crime Bill and you have to wonder whether Biden would have eked out a victory if he hadn’t run against the most openly racist President in decades. The truth of the matter is Biden didn’t get the black vote out, George Floyd did, with the help of people like Stacey Abrams.

George Floyd’s death was a horrific tragedy, but if you look at the voter registration numbers among Blacks following his death, you would think Biden owes everything to that calamity. Black voters were actually switching over to Trump before that terrible day. Sad to say, but many people don’t realize that without Floyd meeting his fate, America might very well be looking at another four years of President Don.

In essence, Biden won thanks to three distinctive demographics or ideologies. 1. Progressives for getting the youth out to vote in record numbers. 2. Black Lives Matter organizers for registering a million voters, tens of thousands in key states. 3. Stupid White men. Sorry, working class White male voters.

It’s best Joe Biden remember how he got where he’s going. Otherwise in 2024, whether it’s him, Kamala, or someone else, they’ll find themselves underperforming even more, but without exception.

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